Update – What price Conor McGregor joining World Wrestling Entertainment?

26th April 2016 by RightCasino facebook 2 mins read Category: News

“I have decided to retire young. Thanks for all the cheese. Catch ya’s later.” With that tweet, Conor McGregor seemed to bring down the curtain on a truly thrilling UFC career.

To say the Irish featherweight’s declaration was a surprise would be a huge understatement. Indeed, the build for his UFC200 rematch against welterweight champion Nate Diaz was in full swing with the bout due to take place on 9th July.

But with Mystic Mac’s MMA career now apparently at an end, speculation has started with regard to what the 27-year-old Dubliner might do next.

Given the relationship between mixed martial arts and pro wrestling – which dates all the way back to Ken Shamrock hooking up with the then WWF in the 1990s – it’s been mooted that McGregor might follow in the footsteps of Brock Lesnar and sign up with Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment behemoth.

Certainly, WWE superstar Becky Lynch – herself a daughter of Dublin – thinks the swap would be a smart move, responding to McGregor’s announcement by tweeting the hashtag “#Comejoinmebro”.

But whatever the man nicknamed ‘Notorious’ chooses to do next, you can be sure that, before it’s a done deal, the bookmakers will have secured a piece of the action…

Update – As of 25th April, Conor McGregor has been restored to the UFC200 card. This follows a bizarre week in which the WWE ran a video on its homepage teasing the possibility of the Irish fighter quitting MMA and joining the pro wrestling powerhouse. When further details about McGregor’s change of heart are know, you’ll read about them here.

Update – On the evening of 25th April, UFC president Dana White refuted Conor McGregor’s claims about having been restored to the UFC200 card. “It’s not true,” White told TMZ. “We haven’t talked to Conor or his manager since the press conference. I don’t know why he would tweet that.”

Update – On 28th April, Dana White declared that, while Conor McGregor wouldn’t headline UFC200, the Irishman would resume his MMA career at a later date. “I didn’t prevent Conor from fighting at UFC 200,” White said. “He knew what the deal was. I told him what the deal was. He opted to do that. “Conor is going to fight again. He’s going to fight at UFC 201, 202, 203, whatever the deal might be.”

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