Virgin accused of ripping off cult comedy What We Do In The Shadows!

10th April 2017 by RightCasino facebook 1 mins read Category: Entertainment

The latest gambling entity to fall foul of Private Eye? Why, it’s Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Games!

Issue 1441 of the ace satirical magazine comments on an advert Virgin’s gambling arm first broadcast on Boxing Day 2016. The commercial in question features a vampire called Vlad who, though he looks in his twenties, has been ‘alive’ for centuries. Long since bored of life, Vlad’s existence is completely lacking in meaning. Or, at least, it is until Virgin Games shows him how to “Live a little”.

“Fans of the 2014 New Zealand film What We Do In The Shadows were quick to cry foul,” writes the Eye. “The idea was a complete rip-off from the cult movie.”

One of the best Hobbit-free movies to emanate from the Land of the Long White Cloud in recent years, What We Do In The Shadows was co-written and co-directed by leading man Jemaine Clement of Flight Of The Conchords fame. His collaborator and co-lead Taika Waititi would later make the acclaimed comedy Hunt For The Wilder People before being hired by Marvel to shoot the third Thor movie.

But while Clement and Waititi have gone on to greater things, Virgin Games are still busy feasting on their gem of a horror comedy. Cue their latest ad in which Vlad – now employed as a supermarket shelf-stacker – tries to avoid garlic in between successfully courting an elderly lady. “All of which,” the Eye correctly points out “are plot points from What We Do In The Shadows!”

Update – On Friday 7th April, after the above story was posted on Twitter, the people who made What We Did In The Shadows were kind enough to drop RightCasino a line about the Virgin Games fiasco.

“We noticed what happened,” wrote our new undead friends. “We are sending them a boquet of garlic.”

An inspired notion that will ensure Virgin ad department is home neither to vampires or originality.

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