Unibet to carve up Kambi Group

25th May 2014 by RightCasino facebook 1 mins read Category: News

Shareholders of Swedish online gaming operator Unibet have sanctioned the proposed deflection of the company’s Kambi group.

Kambi, Unibet’s business-to-business subsidiary, will now float the shares on the stock market in two weeks’ time on the 2nd June, with each shareholder getting an relative share in Kambi for the equivalent amount they own in parent company Unibet.

The motion was agreed upon at the firm’s agm in Stockholm on Tuesday and will see the a ninety-five percent stake fed out to Unibet shareholders, as put forward a month ago.

Independent valuation of share prices

The value works out at around £2.26 a share according to the independent valuation of the Kambi group performed by KPMG prior to their distribution among shareholders.

Financial service provider, Euroclear Sweden AB will go about dealing out the shares a week from now on the 28th of May, while the record date on the register of Euroclear will be May the 23rd.

Shareholders also approved a proposed dividend of £1.10, which is due to be distributed by Euroclear Sweden AB on May 28th.

Elsewhere, Unibet have made the announcement that Kristofer Arwin, Peter Boggs, Nigel Cooper, Stefan Lundborg and Anders Ström have all been re-elected as directors of the company, while Sophia Bendz and Peter Friis are to join the board.

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