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We know that the words ‘terms and conditions’ do not exactly inspire a person to actually read the terms and conditions associated with their casino of choice. How many of us actually read and understand them, really? The truth is that you will indeed come across important ‘T&Cs’ on any online casino, and if you want to do things right, it is essential that you give them proper attention and take note of some key points when it comes to promotions and bonuses. You might come across some unfamiliar casino jargon when you cast your eye over the terms and conditions, leaving you feeling befuddled by the end of it all.

Not to worry – today we’re here to walk you through some of that dense fine print one baffling word at a time. When you opt in to any casino bonus, you should be full-prepared to understand which conditions are applicable to you as a player. The six terms and conditions we will be covering today are quite widely used in the wonderful world of online casinos, so you can count on us to have you feeling ready and fully-equipped to play stress-free wherever you want and whatever you may be playing.

Bonus Money Removed at Withdrawal

This is arguably one of the most important conditions you’ll come across in any online casino. Basically, it means that when you make a withdrawal, any bonus money in your wallet will be removed – forfeited – no matter how few bonuses are running at the time.

That being said, it is worth noting that your extra spins are not considered the same as bonus cash, so any unused spins will stay in your account. If your gut is telling you to withdraw, then remember to check those promos and make sure you’ve transferred your bonus money before that all-important final ‘click’.

Wagering Requirements

As any experienced player will already know, you are bound to come across the term ‘wagering requirements’ on basically every promotion on any online casino. This refers to the specific requirements applicable to the bonus cash you might have earned through a promotion.

When understanding what wagering requirements are, it is important to know that there is a clear distinction in place between bonus cash and real cash that can be withdrawn whenever you decide to do so. Upon receiving bonus cash, it has to be changed into real cash before you are able to transfer it out of your wallet.

A wagering requirement is basically how much money – real or bonus – you have to wager at your chosen casino in order to be able to change your bonus money into ‘real’ cash.

Winning Cap

The winning cap refers to the maximum amount of money that can be won through your casino bonuses, from additional spins to bonus cash and beyond. A winning cap outlines the maximum amount of money that can be won when you used extra spins or bonus money to place bets on a game.

Limited Time to Fulfil Requirements

Think of it this way – if casino promotions lasted forever, they wouldn’t be special at all! Besides, making things time-sensitive just intensifies that all-important adrenaline rush you get with a well-deserved win.

As irritating as promotion time limits may be for the busy player, they are there for a few legitimate reasons. First of all, it stops players from building up a backlog of promos that they are yet to cash in. This is beneficial for both the player and the casino in question, because if players took too long to close their promos, the casino could potentially suffer a loss. By using time limits, casinos can offer their players juicier rewards at a lower risk on their end.

Secondly, if you fulfil the requirements of a promotion ASAP, you will increase the chances of claiming far greater rewards.

One Active Bonus at a Time

This little rule is there to make sure things are as straightforward as possible for you, the player, by preventing ‘leap-frogging’ when it comes to claiming bonuses. Players should know that only one bonus can be active at any given time, i.e. you can’t have two bonuses running at the same time, and you have to complete a bonus before moving on to another. You can take advantage of as many bonuses as you like, but only one at a time.

By allowing only one bonus to be active at a time, casinos effectively keep things fair for all by sealing off any loopholes that could put one player ahead of another by playing the system. For example, if allowed to play with multiple bonuses active, players could use a single action (e.g. depositing money) to fulfil two, three, four or more promotional requirements at one time, a state of affairs that would result in a substantial loss for casinos.

Extra Spin and Bonus Cash Restrictions

Promotions can come with any kind of restriction attached to them, so it is important to pay close attention to the details. For example, it is really common to come across promotions that are specific to specific casino games. Generally, it’s pretty easy to understand that winning extra spins on roulette, for example, means that you can’t apply them to a game like poker, which obviously does not involve any sort of spin mechanics.

Similarly, in some cases the withdrawal requirements associated with your bonus money cannot be met by certain games. It’s also possible that betting requirements could be reduced when wagering on specific games; the promos you decide to employ will play a role in determining which games you can implement your rewards in.

Every casino you encounter will provide access to its terms and conditions, both the general ones and the bonus-specific document. It is also possible for individual promotions to have their own terms and conditions so it’s a good idea to review those before opting-in.

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