Top Christmas gifts for the casino player

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Choosing Christmas gifts can be a daunting task, particularly if the person you are buying for seems to have everything. The team at RightCasino know exactly what that’s like. So we have done some brainstorming – what would we, as casino lovers, want to unwrap on Christmas day?

Here are the ideas we came up with and we’re happy to share them with you! So instead of settling on another pair of warm socks or a boring tie this Christmas, give your favourite casino player a thoughtful and unforgettable gift they are sure to love.

For the technologically inclined

Let’s be honest, not everyone will appreciate a fancy new gadget. But for those who enjoy learning about new tech, trying it out and enjoying all the various features, it’s the perfect gift and one that will keep on giving for (hopefully) a long while.

For this person on your Christmas list, we heartily recommend a virtual reality headset. These futuristic-looking apparatus may look a little clunky and unusual but once worn, they throw the wearer into an entirely different world!

There are a range of brands available, with HTC, Oculus, Samsung, Google and even Playstation offering their take on this take and you can find good quality VR headsets to fit most budgets.

Casinos and game developers have embraced VR as the next frontier in gambling entertainment, with studios like NetEnt actively working on broadening their collection of VR-capable titles. SlotsMillion led the charge on VR casinos but more brands are joining in, with PokerStars recently launching a VR poker platform.

If the recipient also happens to enjoy video games, a VR headset will be a double whammy of a gift as there has recently been a surge in VR games available on a number of platforms including PC and Playstation. You’ll make their year with a VR headset!

For the reader

For some people, gambling is not just a form of entertainment or a hobby but something worthy of research and understanding. After all, the multi-billion dollar global gambling industry can’t just be built on casual gamers. Something a bit more cerebral might be the right choice for the person on your Christmas list who is fascinated by the people and places that make up the world of gambling.

Books on the topic run the gamut from fiction and autobiography to expert guides, memoirs and investigative journalism. There are even academic journals dedicated solely to the research of gambling.
If you’re buying for someone who is just getting into gambling, a guide is probably the best bet. There are books out there that will teach you the finer points of every skill-based casino game imaginable, from poker, to sports betting to blackjack. This is a good gift for someone who wants to improve their game.

If your recipient is more interested in the personal element of the gambling world, there are a number of groundbreaking memoirs and biographies to choose from. The Sure Thing by Nick Townsend tells the tale of one man’s quest to beat the horse racing bookies. Harry Findlay’s autobiography Gambling For Life is all about the gambling legend’s personal journey.

Readers who prefer a good made-up story will enjoy classics like Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale, featuring everyone’s favourite secret agent. Want something even more classic than that? Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Gambler is a cautionary tale from way back in 1887.

Gambling has been around for a very long time and there are several well researched and well written books that track the history of this form of entertainment. Roll The Bones: The History of Gambling, by David G. Schwartz, is a great way to dive into the long and storied past of gambling.

For the collector

The web is a great place for collectors of all kinds of things, from rare Pokemon cards to antique tiles. For the casino lover who enjoys collecting, it’s a goldmine. There is brisk trade in casino-related memorabilia online, ranging from vintage Las Vegas casino merchandise to sports gear worn by athletes in famous events to props collected from the film sets of movies with a gambling theme.

A few tips for the prospective amateur buyer. It’s a good idea to do a little digging and find out what the intended recipient of the gift has their eye on. More importantly, find out what items they do have so you don’t risk spending a lot on something very similar.

When considering film memorabilia, especially older items, you might want to request a certificate of authenticity that asserts that you are in fact buying the real thing. Remember, something that seems too good (or cheap) to be true, probably is.

For the film buff

Maybe the person receiving the gift is more interested in films than in mementos of them. Not to worry! There are a lot of options for your film buff this Christmas.

Are they into old cinema? Some studios have gone to great lengths to remaster vintage movies, making them look good on modern televisions and vastly improving their visual and audio quality. You can get high quality, restored versions of titles like Smart Money (1931), The Lady Gambles (1949), and the original Ocean’s 11, made in 1960, on DVD and Blu-Ray.

More recently made gambling films will be easy to find and no collection is complete without titles like Casino (1995), Ocean’s Eleven (2001), Rounders (1998) and 21 (2008).

To really make an impression, look for Director’s Cut versions or ones that include extra material like cast interviews, behind-the-scenes and more. With the winter nights closing in, this gift will be a great companion to anyone who enjoys the cinematic potential of the gambling world.

Casino stocking fillers

If you already have a gift in mind for your casino-loving loved one, one or two smaller stocking fillers might be in order. What about a personalised poker chip or a snazzy pair of poker socks for the table games fan? Or perhaps a lucky coin with their name engraved on it? For the mobile game enthusiast, a battery pack can help them enjoy play for longer. Even non-gamblers would be pleased to see this one in their stocking!

Some people are just harder to shop for and for those people, there are novelty gifts. T-shirts, mugs, phone cases and keychains with funny, gambling-related phrases abound and you can even get them personalised when you want to go the extra mile.

Christmas shopping can be fun once you know what you’re looking for. Hopefully, our suggestions have made it easier to buy a thoughtful, appreciated gift for the casino player in your life. Or maybe you would like to treat yourself with any of these lovely gifts. You’re still in time to get those online orders in or head down to the high street to pick something up!

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