Top 10 songs to listen to at the casino

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Go to any casino in any part of the world and you will see a fair few players listening to music with their headphones on. But just what is on their jukebox? We’ve chosen ten songs that fit perfectly for casino gambling.

[10] Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

Released in 1978 by the legendary country star, The Gambler may still be the definitive song to listen to while betting. As good as the song is, it does after all give us out some very good advice. Even if you fail to heed the wise lyrical narrative, the song still works as a charming story about the story a stranger has to tell.

[9] Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t the only place where you can gamble, but it really still is its spiritual home. Elvis Presley summed up the way so many people feel about the place where time really doesn’t seem to matter with his timeless classic. The fast-paced song captures the buzz of waiting for the dice to roll, the roulette wheel to stop spinning and the one armed bandits to strike. You’ll be tempted to book a ticket by the time the song is over.

[8] Lady Gaga – Poker Face

After exploding onto the scene in 2008 with Just Dance, the eccentric pop star proved she was far more than a one hit wonder when she released “Poker Face”. Though with Gaga, there is no such thing as a conventional song, and the lyrics go beyond gambling. Her love for poker is there though, and she finds the edge and excitement in the game and runs with it to create a fantastic tune.

[7] Motörhead – Ace of Spades

Motörhead frontman Lemmy (RIP) may well have preferred slot machines but he certainly grasped the adrenalin kick of life at the table with Ace of Spades. The band’s most famous song has a famously speedy riff that easily qualifies as addictive, if not easy to play, and lyrics that capture the fun and crazy world of gambling. Surely impossible to listen to without bopping your head, tapping your feet and playing air guitar.

[6] ABBA – Money Money Money

With song titles like I Have a Dream, Take a Chance on Me, The Winner Takes it All and The Name of the Game, Abba could easily have written the soundtrack to a gambling film. And that’s without mentioning their 1976 effort, Money Money Money, which tells of the dreams of someone desperate to hit the financial big time. Looking out of the office window on a wet Monday morning, we’ve all had that dream.

[5] Electric Light Orchestra – Poker

There will never be another band like ELO. Not many rock and roll bands form with the intention of using violins, cellos, string basses, horns and woodwinds to give their music a classical sound. ELO’s Poker is in that unique vein, with the musical odyssey which drifts between rock, classical and electronic synth. Its dreamlike quality matches well with the dream gambling provides.

[4] Iron Maiden – Angel and the Gambler

No, not poker’s Iron Maiden, but the original East London heavy metal band. With a discography of around thirty albums, we’re glad Bruce Dickinson and co were able to contribute to this list, especially with such a fantastic song. The 1998 effort has a wonderful riff and lyrics that tells us of that carefree attitude you can feel when you’re betting Do you feel lucky?/Or do you feel scared/Take what luck brings/And the devil may care

[3] Ray Charles – Blackjack

Ray Charles was such a wonderful pianist with a voice that could go right through to your soul, that listening to him sing anything is always a pleasure. But we have a soft spot for his 1958 musical tale of a down on his luck gambler at a blackjack table. A useful reminder that no matter how good a player you are, sometimes it just isn’t your night.

[2] Madonna – Gambler

Madonna’s 1985 hit may not be among her better known hits, but this funky 80s tune does have a certain charm. A surprising hit in the UK, Gambler’s synth is very 80s, but her fiery, feisty attitude is the Madonna that was there from the start and is still around today. If she wins, she wins on her terms, an individual streak that all gamblers can identify with.

[1] Frank Sinatra – Luck be a Lady

Ol’ blue eyes was no stranger to the tables at Vegas, and kept many an audience enthralled there with his incredible voice and presence. Not to mention his regular appearances at the gambling tables and the overall scene. Sinatra’s voice makes this song far more than the song’s lyrics of gambler Sky Masterson, who hopes to win a bet which will decide if he will be able to save his relationship.

Originally published on 19/05/15. Updated 06/07/17.

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