Top 10 Hottest Male Poker Players

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After doing the Top 10 hottest female poker players, we weren’t going to leave the guys out of it. So after a lot of consideration, we’ve come up with our ten. What do you think of our list?

[10] Jason Mercier

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Born: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, 12 November 1986.

With his love of baseball caps, regular facial hair and relaxed taste in clothes, Jason Mercier has the image of a skateboarder or punk rock star. No surprise then that the easy-going Floridian is such a hit, especially with that wonderfully cheeky smile he shows so often. We should probably add that his poker skills make him one of the most successful players on the tour, including a European Poker Tour (EPT) and World Poker Tour (WPT) win each.

[9] Sam Trickett

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Born: East Retford, United Kingdom, 2 July 1986.

The Nottinghamshire-born hunk may be Britain’s most successful poker player, and ninth in the all-time poker money list, but that’s not why he’s on the list. Instead the very much in-shape hunk is on for his muscular physique, chiselled features and subtly styled hair. If he leaves the poker business soon, we can certainly see a future for the former football trainee and plumber launching an acting or modelling career.

[8] Scott Clements

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Born: Mount Vernon, Washington, United States, 19 July 1981.

Scott Clements almost didn’t make this list twice. First by the possibility of him choosing a mortgage broker career and secondly his desire to play online poker being curtailed by his home state of Washington. Thankfully not only does he play, but fans of the dreamboat known as Big Rissky get to see him regularly, especially as he is so lethal on the circuit. Scott currently has two World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and one WPT win.

[7] Phil Ivey

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Born: Riverside, California, United States, 1 February 1977.

Nicknamed the Tiger Woods of Woods, Phil Ivey is compared to the golfing great for more than a passing resemblance to the golfing star. Ivey has long been considered as one of the giants of the game, after exploding onto the scene and becoming the youngest ever player to win 10 WSP bracelets. His slick style and intense stare is all part of the charm, and was a selling point Ivey’s appearance in a Chrysler advert in 2015.

[6] Patrik Antonius

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Born: Helsinki, Finland, 13 December 1980.

No surprise that Patrik Antonius used to model. This Adonis could easily advertise aftershave or play some form of warrior god in a military empire epic. Fans of the Finish heart throb need not worry he will be changing career any time soon. The heads up specialist lists among his achievements an EPT win, as well as once claiming the biggest ever poker pot of $1,356,946. The record still stands.

[5] Phil Galfond

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Born: North Potomac, Maryland, United States, 16 January 1985.

His female fans may be gutted that Galfond got married in 2015, but seeing as the handsome Marylander tends to play the online tour meant they would have struggled anyway. As well as achievements that include two World Series of Poker bracelets, Phil owns the very cool poker training site Run it Once and has the amusing screen name of OMGClayAiken.

[4] Ben Sulsky

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Born: Durham, New Hampshire, United States, 22 November 1987.

Though Sulsky rarely plays online tournaments, he more than makes it up for it on the online circuit, where he is considered among the best around. Don’t just take our word for it. He’s won $3.7 million on his PokerStars account and has even complained that other players have refused to play him. Ben eventually decided to go more on the live circuit, and he subsequently won many more admirers, adding to the ones who follow him on Run it Once.

[3] Nenad Medic

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Born: Apatin, Serbia, 21 December 1982.

Calling for a Medic is certainly a good idea in this case. Especially as the 6 foot 4 Serbian-Canadian former basketball college star fits the tall, dark and handsome mould. And that’s without factoring his huge success on the poker tour. With a WSP bracelet in 2008, a win on the World Poker Tour in 2006 and continued success since, the rugged poker stud does seem the full package.

[2] Dan Bilzerian

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Born: Tampa, Florida, United States, 7 December 1980.

He may be a bit of a playboy, and even have political aspirations, but Dan Bilzerian definitely still qualifies as a poker player. As well as being a representative for gambling site bgo, he organises unconventional poker matches and is said to have $50 million from rich-stakes tables against wealthy businessmen. As for whether Mr Bilzerian on our other criteria, it’s probably easier to ask his many photogenic female admirers.

[1] Paul Wasicka

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Born: Dallas, Texas, United States, 17 February 1981.

We just had to include a Texan in our Top 10 Hottest Female Poker Players list, so there’s was no way we weren’t going to include one on our male one either. And Paul Wasicka more than qualifies. As well as his obvious appearance, the KwickFish has a wonderfully backstory about how he got into the game that reflects well on his competitive nature and adventurous spirit. We probably should also mention that among Paul’s poker successes are a World Poker Tour win and a second place, worth $6 million, in in a WSOP tournament.

Originally published 01/16/2015. Updated 06/07/2017.

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