Top 10 hottest female poker players

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As seriously as we take the game, we can’t help but notice these gorgeous players. And keep noticing. But these beautiful players have also added to poker with a deep love and continuing affection for the game.  Not to mention their impressive skills levels. Here we celebrate 10 poker players who are easy on the eye, if not your chip stack.

[10] Liv Boeree

Nicknamed The Iron Maiden, the Kent-born beauty thankfully looks nothing like the heavy metal frontman and more like the kind of girl you wish lived next door. Though she has done modelling and presenting, Boeree is far from just a very pretty face. As well as a degree in Astrophysics, she has an impressive poker record. Playing regularly for over 10 years, Boeree famously won the Sanremo title on the European Poker Tour and has career winnings of over $3.3 million.

[9] Tatjana Pasalic

Tatjana Pasalic is the type of girl that is so hot that you’d have to be a rock star, star athlete or professional poker player yourself to have half a chance. No surprise then that the lucky guy in question is a professional poker player himself. Topping WPT Magazine’s list of the 20 sexiest girls in poker, Pasalic isn’t found on the tables so much anymore and tends to act as a poker presenter. We’d offer to be her co-presenter but we’d clearly forget to look at the camera.

[8] Christina Lindley

From regular modelling to personal training, acting, fitness modelling and then poker player, Christina Lindley has taken the poker route less travelled for sure. Looking as good as that, we were happy to wait. A serious poker player since 2008, the Georgia state goddess is impressive both on the live circuit as well as online. With career earnings of over $1 million, including winning the World Championship of Online Poker for $127,000, we’re better Lindley is happy she found her way here too.

[7] Jennifer Tilly

With an acting career that stretches over 30 years, the delightful Jennifer Tilly is one of the most recognisable figures on the tour. And yes, she certainly does have a very recognisable figure, something she is happy to accentuate when playing. Make no mistake though; this Academy Award winner knows how to play. With twenty-three cash finishes within the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tours, including a prestigious bracelet win in 2005, it’s no surprise to see her back after initially retiring.

[6] Krisztina Polgar

A first name that’s a nightmare to spell is probably the only thing we can hold against this Hungarian vision. The Poker player and FHM Hungary cover girl learnt to play from a poker professional ex-boyfriend, and also dated poker legend Daniel Negreanu for two years. But Krisztina Polgar is a player in her own right, with her biggest cash prize $21,000. She has admitted to dressing provocatively to distract players. Needless to say, it’s effective.

[5] Maria Ho

When Blondie wrote their hit song Maria, it’s a pretty good bet that they weren’t talking about this Taiwanese siren, even if the song’s lyrics fit nicely. But there’s far more to this California-based star than just her looks. Ho has over $2.5 million in career earnings, is ranked the third best female in the world and had had two years when she has ended the year as the highest earning female. As well as various columns, her grateful fans can glimpse her in numerous poker/non poker TV appearances.

[4] Kimberley Lansing

With a girl as gorgeous as Kimberley Lansing, we’re not sure we could utter a coherent sentence let alone play cards. Mind you, as Lansing has a long and successful career in presenting, we’d sure she’d find a way round that. With a long-time love of poker, covering the World Poker Tour in 2007 in a specially created position of online hostess was a natural fit for the brunette bombshell. Before leaving the role in 2013, Lansing was well known for managing to play poker among her busy schedule. Happily for everyone though, she can still be seen with chips every once in a while.

[3] Xuan Liu

Xuan Liu may be a Canadian vision, but the exotic beauty is also more than a useful player and is one of the rising stars of the game. With career winnings upwards of $1.9 million since taking the game seriously, she has seen particular success on the EPT scene. The highlight so far was a memorable third place finish in Sanremo, almost succeeding Liv Boeree as a consecutive female winner.

[2] Sonja Kovac

When you think of Croatia, you probably think of Golden Boot winner Davor Šuker, intense Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic or that one of its major cities – Split – is great for a pun. You should probably add poker hottie Sonja Kovac to that list (though we still think the pun should stay).  With poker winnings of over $20,000, she may not yet be the highest earner on this list, but she more than qualifies on our other criteria.

[1] Lacey Jones

It would have so wrong to do this themed poker list without including a Texas representative. Not that we needed any excuse to add this lovely lady.  Lacey Jones is a devoted poker player, as well as having the looks and figure that could stop traffic even if she wasn’t in her in her modelling outfits. As well as playing tournaments for nearly ten years, the southern belle skilfully judges her presenting duties, philanthropic efforts and plans for developing a poker tour for US troops.

Originally published on 13/05/2015. Updated 06/07/2017.

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