The History Of eSports: Infographic

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The History Of eSports: Infographic

From the early days of Space Invaders contests to the billion-dollar betting industry of today, eSports has come a very long way in next to no time.

As with so many technological phenomena, it was birthed by academics, in this case a bunch of SpaceWars enthusiasts at Stanford University. And, following another familiar pattern on the tech front, it was South-East Asia – in particular South Korea – that took a fairly primitive thing and streamlined it in such a way as to make eSports both respectable and profitable.

With a future that seems to promise Olympic recognition and tens of billions in annual revenues, eSports is in the rudest possible health. Countless competitors, epic audiences, a massive betting market – eSports is but further proof that the geek shall inherit the earth.

The History Of eSports

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