Top 10 Biggest Casinos In The World

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If you assumed that the world’s 10 biggest casinos could all be found in Las Vegas, you really couldn’t be more wrong. Spanning four counties and as many continents, here’s RightCasino’s list of the planet’s largest gaming houses.

I – The Venetian, Macau (main image)
Styled after a traditional Las Vegas casino… sorry, styled after Venice, The Venetian’s gaming floor area covers a vast 546,000 square feet. Within this massive space, you’ll find 870 gaming tables, and 3000 slots. However, it’s only the biggest in terms of casino floor space. Certain ‘smaller’ casinos put it to shame depending upon the yard stick you use.

II – City Of Dreams, Macau
The City Of Dreams seems positively bijou when compared to The Venetian – which is easy to do since the two casinos are just across the road from one another. Mind you, at 420,000 square feet, it’s still enormous, with 520 tables, 1350 machines and 1400 hotel rooms.

III – WinStar World Casino and Resort, Oklahoma
Think the biggest casino in the States would be in Vegas? Think again. The WinStar World Casino covers 380,000 square foot and houses 142 gaming tables and 7,400 gambling machines. And since it’s just across the border from gaming-obsessed Texas, it’s only going to get bigger.

IV – Foxwoods, Connecticut
It’s only a recent WinStar extension that robbed Foxwoods of the number three spot. Smartly located between Boston and New York City: it puts the WinStar to shame on the gaming table front since it can boast 400 of the things. Factor in 7000 slots and you understand why it’s proved such a hit with the wealthy locals.

V – Casino Ponte 16, Macau
Since i) gambling is illegal in China, and ii) Chinese people love to gamble, it’s little wonder that the neighbouring city-state is home to so many fabulous gambling palaces. In any other country, Casino Ponte 16 would be a leading tourist. In Macau, it’s only the third biggest gaming house in town.

VI – Tusk Rio Casino, Klerksdorp, South Africa
Located around 100 miles south of Johannesburg, the Tusk Rio Casino Resort spans a staggering 266,330 square feet. But what does it do with all this room? Well here it’s all about giving the South African gambler space: the sprawling venue boasts a mere 12 poker and games tables, alongside 257 slots.

VII – The Sands Macau
Rather less roomy than the Tusk Rio, the Sands Macau still manages to squeeze 1000 games and 750 machines into its 229,000 square feet of floor space.

VIII – MGM Grand Macau
The showy MGM Grand Macau has an impressive 410 games tables and 835 machines. It’s currently a mere 221,952 square feet, but an extension will add another 47,000 square feet to the caino’s second level.

IX – MGM Grand, Las Vegas
At long last, Vegas makes the list. The oldest casino in the top 10 (it was built way back in 1993), it houses 2,300 machines, along with 178 gaming tables across its 170,000 square feet of casino floor. Where it comfortably trumps all the other casinos on the list, however, is in terms of the number of hotel rooms – a whopping 5,044.

X= – Casino Lisboa, Portugal
And now Europe gets in on the act. Not to be confused with the Casino Lisboa in – yep, you guessed it – Macau, this Casino Lisboa’s set in Lisbon’s Parque Das Nações. Spanning a compact but thoroughly respectable 165,000 square feet, it hosts an impressive 1000 games machines alongside 26 table games.

X= – The Casino Estoril, Portugal
The Estoril’s long argued that it, not the Casino Lisboa, is the largest gaming house in Europe. The inspiration for the James Bond novel Casino Royale, it also boasts of being the first casino to open on the continent. However, it is apparently only 26,900 square feet in area, with just 730 games machines – although it has nine more gaming tables than the Lisboa.

Note – New casinos are going up all the time and older ones are being extended, so this list is sure to change before too long. Quite possibly it’ll all be Macau casinos next time we check…

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