Tetris – now you can make money from the perfect waste of time

25th January 2016 by RightCasino facebook 2 mins read Category: News

All those hours you wasted playing Tetris – imagine how rich you might have been if you could have turned your blockbusting skills into cold hard cash.

Well now you can! Thanks to GSN Games and the Tetris Company, a real money version of the classic game.

Tetris Burst allows players to enter skill-based tournaments for a chance to win cash prizes.

Described by GSN as a “fresh, fun experience”, Maya Rogers – the CE of Blue Planet Software, the sole agent for The Tetris Company – explained that, “The introduction of Tetris Burst… is an exciting addition to our growing line-up of Tetris-branded games.”

GSN senior Vice-President of skill games, Greg Canessa, was every bit as enthusiastic.

“As Tetris is one of the world’s most popular games with hundreds of millions of fans, I know that both new and current players will be thrilled to see how they stack up against other Tetris Burst players in cash tournaments.”

Tetris Burst Game Review

When we heard about this game, we just couldn’t’t wait to give it a try! A number of RightCasino team members fancied themselves Tetris gurus back in the day. It was a lot of fun watching them try to get their mojo back!

The concept is pretty straightforward. It looks a whole lot like a modern interpretation of Tetris, except this time, it’s fruit juice that’s on the line – hitting Tetris rewards with a squishy burst of fruity innards. Exciting!

One major difference between Burst and the original version is that players can hold pieces in a queue, using them when a better opportunity presents itself later on. Our Tetris fans are a little torn on this feature but we think it adds an extra dimension to this game.


Players earn points by clearing lines, much like in the original Tetris game, and accumulating points boosts your juice meter. The higher that meter reads, the more game-boosting power-ups become available.

These include the Mino Shower, which completely fills the matrix with shapes before clearing all of them. The Double-Up doubles points earned in a 10-second period and the Juice Wave clears the screen of the lowest four lines in a wave of juice.

These boosts are only available in certain tournaments so players need to be aware of that when they choose which event they would like to join. It’s also worth remembering that other players will have access to those boosts too and their points will reflect that.

Play for cash

To earn cash, players must take on challengers and win. This happens in tournaments, which can have prize pools that range in size from £10 to the larger weekly tournaments with top prizes over £5,000. In this game, practice makes all the difference when going up against some of the top players in the network.

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