Aspers in Stratford the first UK casino to offer a £1 million prize from a single spin

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Aspers in Westfield, Stratford has become the first casino in the UK to give players a chance to win £1 million with only one spin of the wheel.

The million pound bonanza is available as part of a competition called Spin for a Million, hosted at Aspers in Westfield. It starts off in May and will run until 21 June with nightly free draws.

At the event on 21 June, 20 finalists will play 10 knockout rounds. The winner is guaranteed £25,000 cash as well as being given the chance to spin for the grand prize – £1 million tax-free cash.

Life changing competition

The owner of Aspers, Damian Aspinall, 54, referred to the Spin for a Million competition as “a chance to change someone’s life”.

“I’m really proud that we’re the first casino business to offer this,” he said to reporters. “It’s a really exciting way of communicating with our customers and creates a real buzz, so I’m delighted we’ve pulled it off.”

Mr Aspinall said that if the competition went well then he would be open to repeating it with the possibility of even larger prizes.

With over 3500 visitors per day, Aspers is one of the most popular casinos in London. It opened in December 2011 and since then has seen 3.5 million people pass through its doors. It also holds the record of more slots jackpots winners than any other UK casino.

Responsible gambling addressed

Damian Aspinall with former partner, Donna Air, 34

While Aspers faced controversy at its opening, Aspinall stressed the responsible nature of gambling at the casino.

“Our average spend is about £30, the equivalent of a cinema ticket and a meal out, so we’re not targeting people and we don’t want to see lots of people lose lots of money. We’re heavily regulated and terribly conscious about problem gambling, but all research points the finger at betting shops, not casinos.”

“Here the majority of people come for a fun night out – many don’t even gamble,” said Aspinall.

This comes after the mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales, 59, sought to limit the amount of betting shops on the high street.

Aspinall praised  the actions of Sir Wales, calling him “fantastic for the area.”

“I believe if you deliver a fantastic product, people will come, but the fantastic location, a fantastic mayor and the whole regeneration of the East End are all factors in our success,” he said.

“Sir Robin Wales has been a fantastically strong mayor and has been forever pushing Newham to be a better place with more employment.”

The unprecedented prize value at Aspers is a stark contrast from recent developments in the British domestic gambling industry.

A series of new measures and controls from the Department of Media Culture and Sport has restricted maximum bets on betting shop roulette terminals to £50 a spin and granted local councils new powers to veto the granting on bookmaker licenses in their jurisdiction.

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