Sixty-seven complaints for new Ladbrokes campaign

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Sixty-seven complaints for new Ladbrokes campaign

In an ironic twist, a campaign launched by Ladbrokes to encourage responsible gambling has inspired sixty-seven complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) on the grounds of glamorising betting.

The “Ladbrokes Life” campaign has led a raft of worried consumers to complain that the adverts are harmful and irresponsible for allegedly glamorising the lifestyle of a gambler, linking gaming success with social and sexual success and exploiting the young and vulnerable.

Meet the betting men

Using taglines such as "once is lucky, twice is talent" and "when you win it’s skill, when you lose it’s bad luck," the campaign tells the story of five friends; The Believer, Generous John, Mr. Brightside, The Professor and The Gut Truster, who collectively represent Ladbrokes' online customers.

Only last week, Ladbrokes broadcast the UK’s first dedicated TV commercial to promote responsible gambling which coincided with a pledge from the firm to dedicate twenty percent of available shop window space to re-enforce the message of responsibility.

A spokesman for the ASA said it will take the complaints seriously and look to establish whether or not there are grounds for an investigation.

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