Singapore government seeks to ban online gambling

10th September 2014 by RightCasino facebook 1 mins read Category: News

In a dramatic move, Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs has put a new bill before parliament, which could bring the hammer down on remote online gambling in the territory.

If the Remote Gambling Bill is ratified, it will prohibit all forms of online gambling, with the exception of those operated by companies “based in Singapore; [that are] not-for-profit; contribute to public, social or charitable purposes in Singapore and have a good track record of compliance with Singapore’s legal and regulatory requirements.”

This proposed update to the law would not only seek to criminalise remote gambling operators, but players as well.

Another gaming market bites the dust?

In a statement, the Singaporean Mnistry of Home Affairs stated that an online gaming prohibition is necessary to “maintain law and order and protect young persons and other vulnerable persons.”

Describing the effects of this new bill, should it be passed into law, gaming lawyer Bryan Tan said: “The effect would be to eradicate all black and grey market gambling products offered in Singapore. Foreign operators will need to pay attention because the new legislation seems to adopt a long-arm approach.”

Playing hardball

The conservative attitude adopted by the Singaporean government was hinted at by an anti-gambling campaign that ran during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Unfortunately for the creators of the ads, which featured a young boy whose father bets the family’s life savings on Germany to lift the trophy, the campaign spectacularly back-fired when Germany went on to win the tournament.

As one Twitter commentator put it: “I wish my dad had put my savings on Germany, too.”

Right Casino will follow the situation in Singapore and keep you abreast of any updates.

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