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Sign Up At Slotsfighter.com for a chance to win 10,000 euro!

Published by techadmin on 14 Mar 2018 , 12:00 AM

Launching in April 2018, slotsfighter.com is a brand new Twitch-based gameshow coming your way.

With a name like Slotsfighter, it would be hard to turn down the opportunity of becoming the next champion of slots, especially when you have the chance to win €10,000 cash tax free!

The Shotsfighter league is about to become one of the most exciting online casino slot tournaments by putting together eight players where each player will face off each other twice, before progressing to a quick paced play off finale.

Receive €1,000 just for becoming a Slotsfighter!

You heard right, each Slotsfighter will receive €1,000 no matter where they end up in the table.

Become the ultimate Slotsfighter champion!

To become a Slotsfighter, simply upload an application video to YouTube telling us why we should choose you. Remember only eight individuals can qualify so make your video as interesting as possible, and ideally 2–4 minutes in length.

When you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube, you have two options;

  • Email your video to audition@slotsfighter.com or
  • Post it to the Slotsfighter Facebook page

The closing date for applications is Friday March 23rd!

What happens next…

If you’re invited to join the league, you must comply to the following:

  • Have guaranteed internet connection
  • Fluent in the English language
  • Have a working HD camera / webcam for the broadcasts

How Long will the Slotsfighter League last?

Scheduled for kick off on Wednesday, 4th April, the Slotsfighter league will last for a nail biting six weeks consisting of 56 regular season games. A minimum of two games will be broadcast between the evening hours of 7-11PM CET.

Four players will then advance to the next stage where they will all compete in a straight knockout of:

  • 1st plays 4th and;
  • 2nd plays 3rd

Make sure every point counts, unlike regular season games in the play-offs, all matchups will be best of three matches.

The Slotfighters will never get bored as they will be playing a number of well-known video slots.

How do players win matches?

Each match consists of five rounds, the objective being the first player to win three rounds. Each round lasts for a minimum of 20 minutes, during this time you’ll use your extensive knowledge of casino games to knockout your opponent in this highly competitive environment.

The winner of the round is the player who receives the most points, one point is given to who has the highest of the following:

  • Big win
  • Number of wins
  • Bonuses triggered

We’ll also keep you on the end of your seat by rewarding bonus points!

What happens at the end of Slotsfighter season?

The fun doesn’t stop there, we’ll head straight into our qualification tournament at the end of the Slotsfighter season.

To make it even more exciting, both players and viewers will get the opportunity to participate in a qualification tournament to earn their place in the next season of Slotsfighter. Video applications are being accepted now for the first season through Facebook or email. The closing date for applications is Friday 23rd March.

Are you up for the challenge to become the next Slotsfighter champion?