Ritz drops £5m court case with property tycoon

5th August 2014 by RightCasino facebook 1 mins read Category: News

There’s been more legal wrangling for the Ritz Casino, which has just made an out-of-court settlement with construction magnate Bharat Kalwani, whom the casino accused of paying for a gambling binge with a £5m “bouncing cheque.”

This latest scuffle comes just weeks after the famed Piccadilly club entered legal proceedings against Noral Al-Daher: the wife of an Omani politician who racked up £2m in losses during a baccarat bender at the Ritz casino.

Betting on bouncing cheques

The case against Mr Kalwani was raised after her allegedly paid for casino chips with a “worthless” cheque. The casino initially sought £5m plus £1,000 a day in interest since August 2012, making the total claim £5.73m.

However, the Ritz has now dropped the suit, commenting that Mr Kalwani “acted honourably” and would be welcome to continue playing at the London establishment.

A joint press release issued yesterday (5 August) said: “Mr Bharat Dharmadas Kalwani is a long-standing and respected member of the Ritz Club. Earlier this year the Ritz Club issued a claim against Mr Kalwani but is happy to clarify that the cheque at issue was not drawn on Mr Kalwani’s accounts.

“It is fully accepted that Mr Kalwani acted honourably. The claim has now been amicably settled on confidential terms.”

No luck for Nora

This ‘amicable’ conclusion stands in stark contrast to the case against Al-Daher, who claimed that casino staff took advantage of her gambling addiction.

The case, which came to the High Court in London last month, is still on-going.

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