Revel Casino prevented man from smoking medical marijuana on its premises

19th May 2014 by RightCasino facebook 1 mins read Category: News

Daniel Price of Atlantic City, New Jersey, is fighting for his right to use his prescribed marijuana in an Atlantic City casino.

According to a report from the Press of Atlantic City, Price, a medical marijuana patient, was refused the use of marijuana inside the Revel casino by a security guard, despite having a prescription for it.

Cannabis casino

Revel Casino in Atlantic City

Mr Price, 23, had been prescribed the drug since February in order to treat irritable bowel syndrome and proneness to seizures, but had not specified how he planned to take it.

Revel, like all casinos in Atlantic City, allows smoking in designated areas only. Furthermore, New Jersey state guidelines for medicinal marijuana use recommend patients only use the drug behind closed doors within their own private domiciles. However, those under treatment are not barred from using it in a private business.

Price’s attorney, Michelle Douglass, believes that the Revel Casino is required by law to accommodate those with disabilities.

The battle for the blunt

Price and Douglass give a statement outside the Revel

Despite Price’s objections, a Department of Health spokesperson has confirmed that private businesses are allowed to create their own code on medical drug use.

Nonetheless, Douglass has stated that the next step for her client may be to file a lawsuit, while the Revel declined to comment.

The New Jersey Department of Gaming said it plans to discuss with the Atlantic City casinos the possibility of creating policies in the future.

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