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SuperLenny casino to close its doors this year.. Oh deer!

12th October 2018 by Alex facebook 2 mins read Category: News

It’s a tough world out there for casino operators. As the industry continually innovates, difficult decisions must sometimes be taken. That’s the case now for GiG, the group behind several popular and successful casino brands.

By the end of the year, the casino SuperLenny will be shuttered for good, in what GiG say is an exercise in maintaining long-term sustainability. This will certainly impact SuperLenny players but the finer details of these changes are still emerging. Read on to find out everything we know about this move.

SuperLenny casino shutting down

SuperLenny will soon by winding down its operation, with business stopping entirely by the end of the year. There has been no indication of a specific date yet however those working alongside casinos have been informed of this plan recently.

In practical terms, players will not see any changes. If you are a SuperLenny player, you are free to use the casino up until its final day of operations. We have not received detailed information about what will happen on that day but we suspect that any any cash balances will either be refunded or migrated to a different GiG casino brand.

The decision to suspend SuperLenny indefinitely was taken as a result of a strategic review of GiG, its assets and its long-term sustainability. With several brands up and running, and a strong B2B technology service to keep on top of, it’s not surprising that GiG might choose to reprioritise, particularly in such a competitive industry.

What will happen to players?

GiG operates several casino brands, including Guts, Rizk, and Kaboo. Players’ accounts at SuperLenny will be migrated to one of these other casinos when SuperLenny’s operations cease.

It is not clear yet whether players will be given the choice of which casino they would like to move to – we reckon players will be allowed to choose. It is also unclear, thus far, what should happen if a player already has an account with another GiG casino. We’re keeping a close watch on how this develops and will be informing readers as soon as we know more.

GiG still going strong

Gaming Innovation Group is one of the industry’s titans. Just last month, four GiG employees took home awards at the iGaming Idol 2018 event and GiG itself won the prestigious Employer Branding of the Year award. GiG was a finalist in a whopping 9 out of 20 categories this year.

Launched back in 2008, GiG has come a long way in ten years. It operates a handful of casino brands and it supplies B2B backend services to many others. It has recently been granted a B2B license for sports betting by the UK Gambling Commission.

With a strong track record and ongoing innovations, GiG looks like it will be a mover and a shaker in this industry for a long time yet. It just seems that SuperLenny isn’t a part of those plans.

What next?

Well, so far it would appear that things are set to keep going as normal at SuperLenny – there seems to be no indication that any of its casino services are being wound down right now. SuperLenny players may want to start looking into other GiG-owned casino brands in preparation. Should players be offered a choice, it’s good to know what the options are.

In the meantime, we’ll be watching out for any further news and updating our readers as we go along. It seems like we will be saying farewell to SuperLenny pretty soon – we’ll miss that well-dressed deer!

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