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‘No’ outcome for Scotland nets one lucky punter £1m!

Published by techadmin on 17 Sep 2014 , 11:00 PM

The nation breathes a sigh of relief as the people of Scotland chuck out Alex Salmond’s dream of independence in a closely-fought public referendum, thus preserving the 300-year union between Britain, Scotland and Wales. But for one unnamed businessman there was another reason to celebrate…

The wealthy
Londoner allegedly put up £900,000 on a ‘No’ vote at William Hill
and will have collected a gargantuan £1,093,333.33 pay-out following today’s result.

William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe said: “This adds up to the biggest bet of the century on any subject with us – and almost certainly with any bookmaker.”

Many bookies were already anticipating the failure of Salmond and the Scottish National Party’s bid for independence. Following a substantial drop in support for the ‘Yes’ campaign in last minute polls, Betfair paid out on ‘No’ bets on Tuesday.

All the same, there was uncertainty until the last. Mr Sharpe of William Hill said of the ‘No’ punter: “This man is confident, if not entirely convinced, that his gamble will pay off – in fact, he has called it an ‘investment.’ He isn’t yet sure how or where he will discover the outcome of the Referendum.”

Who knows? But I know where he’ll be now: jetting off to Edinburgh to celebrate wi’ a few British pints – proper dead brilliant.