New challenger to Instagram playboy throne

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New challenger to Instagram playboy throne

The Playboy Instagram is certainly getting a bit crowded, with another challenger to Dan Bilzerian’s King of Instagram  throne.

We were only recently talking about Dan Bilzerian’s latest challenger , Tony Toutouni , but there is another Instagram playboy on the scene keen to show off his lifestyle.

But if the reaction to Travers Beynons, the heir to the Freechoice Tobacconist chain is anything to go by, there are rules and boundaries even hedonists have to follow.

The self-titled Candyman lives with his wife and their two children in the “Candy Shop Mansion”, where his wife is believed to share every woman that comes to a party.

Beynons caused outrage when he put up an Instagram post walking his wife and another woman on a leash, and has been accused of being a bad role model to his children. He and his wife are estranged from her parents.

The former Australian Football League star, who quit the game as a teenager because of injury, is also alleged to have had a row with Bilzerian. The father of four Beynons is supposed to have accused the bgo representative of stealing his women.

The poker-loving Bilzerian has denied the accusation was ever made but has criticised the Australian bad boy for setting a bad example.

The unmarried Bilzerian said he that having a family changes things and he would “never put my wife on a leash in the driveway for an Instagram pic”.

Bilzerian added that you shouldn’t “have a wife and children living in a house with naked girls and partying”, or raise children in an environment that would “ruin them, warp their perception of the world, or close doors for them”.

Do you think agree with Bilzerian and think Beynons has gone too far? See some of his Instagram posts below.



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