Myanmar to legalise gambling for tourists

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Tourists in South East Asia will soon be able to get their gambling fix after the government of Myanmar announced its plans to legalise ‘casinos for foreigners’, according to The Nation.

Gambling is currently illegal in the principality, which sits just above Thailand and is a popular den for tourists from the Western world and China.

And the government plans to introduce radical new plans – including casinos aimed purely at ‘foreigners’ based in “three star and above” hotel chains.

“Casinos for only foreigners would be allowed at three-stars and above hotels if the parliament agrees to our proposed law,” said an official of the Home Affairs Ministry.

It is estimated that around 70% of the adults in Myanmar illegally indulge in many forms of gambling, including table games and betting on sports and lotteries.

The new plan aims to legalise and regulate these, with the ultimate aim of attracting international investment and an additional seven million tourists a year to the region by 2020.

“It’s better to get more revenue for country by legalising the illegal lotteries,” the spokesman continued. “We have finalised the reformed gambling law and are ready to send it to the parliament for suggestion, discussion and then approval.”

Gambling remains illegal in Myanmar’s neighbouring countries – and popular tourist hotspots – such as Thailand and Vietnam.

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