Matthew ‘Friends’ Perry blows $20,000 at poker in a matter of minutes

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Former ‘Friends’ star and recovering addict Matthew Perry was spotted on Thursday at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles blowing $20,000 in a matter of minutes.

The 45-year-old who struggles with alcohol and opioids addiction turned up at 7AM, Thursday at a 3-card poker table with $10k and a Starbucks coffee. He blew through both then calmly pulled out another $10k and blew through that too.

The ex-Friends star, who is currently playing Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple, a TV comedy based on Neil Simon’s celebrated play, is of course not the first celebrity to be spotted at a casino table.

Actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck, 42, turned up at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas in February, 2014 with wife Jennifer Garner and sat down for a few hands of blackjack.

A welcome party was naturally extended to the pair of ‘celebs’ … only for it to be withdrawn shortly afterwards when security swooped on Affleck and asked him to leave. According to the Hard Rock casino Affleck was spotted counting cards – not an illegal practice but one that casinos do not take too kindly to.

The Hard Rock casino – which had been hit for $800,000 in 2001 by Affleck playing blackjack – subsequently banned the star of the next Batman film.

Affleck towers over his fellow actors and card sharps at 6’4″, but at the other end of the poker scale stands Verne Troyer, ‘MiniMe’ in the Austin Powers series of movies, who is a miniscule 2’8″.

Troyer – currently representing gambling room BGO along with poker-playing playboy Dan Bilzerian – played in the 2011 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure amfAR Celebrity Poker Tournament but sadly did not make the final table.

Other celebs familiar with the green baize of the casino table include Bradley Cooper, Teri Hatcher, Don Cheadle, Ed Helms, Christian Slater, Matt Damon, Steve Martin, Ethan Hawke and Billy Crystal.

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