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Is Attorney General Jeff Sessions about to ban online gambling in the US?

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Is Attorney General Jeff Sessions about to ban online gambling in the US?

News stories are circulating in the United States about the possible reintroduction of a federal ban on state-regulated online gambling.

In 2011, the US online gambling market as reopened when a law was passed allowing individual states to legalise internet gaming.

Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada have each introduced online gaming services, while several other states are currently weighing up the matter.

But as pressure from lobbyist had continued to mount, so rumours have begun to spread that the Donald Trump-appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions might yet call for the Restoration of America’s Wire Act which would in turn lead to an end to internet gaming in the United States.

In conversation with the Huffington Post, gaming industry consultant Chris Grove explained that the repeal of the 2011 legislation could result in the loss of thousands of jobs. Furthermore, the change could have a catastrophic effect on state economies.

“It would [also] be a massive victory for the illegal, offshore betting industry, which has no interest in competing with state-regulated sites,” Grove told the HP.

“That can hardly be an outcome AG Sessions hopes to achieve; but it is the inevitable effect of any federal action to rob states of their ability to decide whether online gambling regulation is right for them.”

Whatever the Attorney General has in store, it’s interesting to note that the National Governors Association 

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