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It’s always a pain trying to separate valuable gambling content from the gallons of guff clogging up the web. We’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff and tracked down websites that provide credible betting tips, odds guides. podcasts and information centres.

Read on for more information about the most helpful sources of gambling content online.

1) iGaming Business Intelligence Centre

As a one-stop-shop for industry information, you can’t do much better than the iGaming Business Intelligence Centre. This comprehensive resource serves as a platform for interactive gaming news, features and analysis, in addition to providing access to whitepapers and business reports.

This will be more valuable to industry enthusiasts than players (you won’t find any top tips here), but if you’re keen to stay clued in about all aspects of online gambling, this will become your second home.

2) Dr Mark Griffiths’ blog

As you will know if you’ve watched our series of interviews , Dr Mark Griffiths is the UK’s foremost authority on gambling psychology and co-founder of addiction charity GamCare.

Dr Griffiths is, by his own admission, “not anti-gambling in the slightest.” He is, however, exceptionally knowledgeable about all aspects of gambling and a prolific writer on the subject, having covered everything from the psychology of arbitrage to the link between gambling addiction and Flappy Bird.

For all this and more (an extended essay on octopus porn, anyone?) we definitely recommend checking out his blog.

3) – The Sports Betting Community

While remains the world’s most popular sports betting network, you can’t beat OLBG for depth. The scope of content on this site is exhaustive, with heaps of tips, odds and stats at your fingertips, all of which can be filtered, sorted and viewed in comparison tables.

You’re going to have to put the work in to get the most out of OLBG – it definitely pays to get on the forums and become immersed in the community. If you’re willing to commit, you’re sure to see dividends.

4) American Casino Guide video podcasts

The American Casino Guide releases the most popular gambling-related video content online and it’s easy to see why. Guide founder Steve Bourie (whom I had the pleasure of interviewing ) is committed to providing gamblers with the facts and adept at presenting complex information in a digestible format.

Bourie’s podcasts are an excellent source of accessible but thorough overviews of optimal betting strategies for various games. Occasionally, Bourie recruits other experts (such as Michael ‘The Wizard of Odds’ Shackleford) to educate players about the smartest ways to play. Don’t even think about hitting the tables without giving these a watch.


Far more than just gaming portal, has pledged to resolve any player complaints about online casinos. To this end, the site admins get in touch with casino managers on behalf of players in order to ensure that issues are brought to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties. More often than not, this is achieved successfully.

Any casinos that continue to offend or fail to engage with the process are named and shamed on, allowing gamblers to avoid the bad eggs. The site also enjoys a great player following, making it an excellent repository for impartial customer reviews.


The bane of dodgy casino operators everywhere, has been a champion of fair play since 1998. The site currently publishes an extensive list of ‘blacklisted’ casinos, along with full reports of why websites have earned this status. More often than not, unfair account closures and refusals to pay-out are the root cause.

If you want to access absolutely objective information about which casinos are legitimate, should be your second port of call (after, naturally). Also, if you encounter a suspect casino website, you should consider getting on the forums and filing a report.

7) The Wizard of Odds

For the best betting systems: ask the Wizard. Michael Shackleford is a former actuary turned gambling expert, who publishes optimised betting strategies through his Wizard of Odds persona.

There is simply no better resource for advantage players than No matter what the game, you can guarantee that Shackleford has worked his magic with the maths and produced an ace system that’ll maximise your edge. He’s also pretty participant with players via his ‘Ask the Wizard’ section, so feel free to write in with any enquiries.

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