Head 2 Head Casino Battles Genting Vs Grosvenor

Head-2-Head: Grosvenor Casino vs Genting Casino

22nd February 2019 by Xavier facebook 7 mins read Category: Promotions

Back in the days before the internet (what we would now call ‘The Dark Ages’), gamblers had way fewer entertainment options than they do now. To access professional gambling opportunities, they would need to visit an actual, bricks-and-mortar casino.

That all changed of course since the dawn of the World Wide Web, with online casinos popping up like daisies in springtime. But the brands that started off as land-based casinos have not disappeared. Indeed, some of them have taken their products online.

Our two contenders today both boast long histories in the land-based casino industry and now offer their products in real-life casino venues and in the virtual world. But which one will be crowned the Best Land-Based Casino after this Head-2-Head Battle?

The weigh in

Standing bold in the blue corner we have Grosvenor Casino, with over 40 years’ experience and an online presence that is hard to ignore.

  • The Grosvenor brand has a stellar reputation.
  • £20 free if you're a member of a Grosvenor live casino.
  • Manual flushing available.
Casino review
  • First Deposit
  • £20 bonus cash
  • Welcome Bonus

Raging in the red corner, raring to go, is Genting Casino. The older contender, Genting has enough clout to take on its opponent but does age always mean dominance?

Here are the vital statistics for our two competitors in this fight:

Grosvenor Casino

  • Established 1970
  • 52 land-based casino venues in the UK
  • Sports betting available
  • Mobile casino available

Genting Casino

  • Established 1965
  • 42 land-based UK casinos
  • Sports betting available
  • Mobile casino available

Land-based venues

Grosvenor Vs Genting Divider 1

Given that both our contenders in this fight forged their reputations offline, it is logical to begin with this bout. Genting Casino has 5 years on Grosvenor Casino but in the grand scheme of things, that hardly seems to matter. What does matter is how these two brands perform across the multitude of venues scattered around the UK and, in Genting’s case, overseas.

Now, in an ideal world, the RightCasino would do everything it takes to personally verify the quality of each and every Grosvenor and Genting casino in the land. We would love to be able to visit every establishment from Aberdeen to Plymouth to give you, our esteemed readers, the full picture.

Sadly, the budget for staff travel hardly covers a bus fare, let alone a cross-country tour of close to 100 casinos. In light of this adversity, we have turned to the next best thing – real casino players! We headed to TripAdvisor and compared the ratings of Grosvenor and Genting Casinos in three cities to get an idea of what actual visitors to these places think, starting off, as most things do, in London.

Grosvenor Casino runs ten casino sites in the London area, while Genting owns three. We picked the highest rated casino in the area for both brands. The top one for Grosvenor was the Grosvenor Victoria while the top rated Genting Casino was the Cromwell Mint location. In this case, the Grosvenor Victoria received 4 out of 5 and the Cromwell Mint averaged a slightly higher 4.5 out of five. It should be noted though that the Grosvenor rating is based on a larger number of reviews so we can assume that it is more representative.

Next we travel (virtually) north to Manchester. Genting operates two sites within the Greater Manchester region while Grosvenor operates four. The top rated casinos in this area are the Grosvenor location in Didsbury and the Genting venue in Bolton, with both receiving 4.5 stars.

Going further still, we took a look in Glasgow. Genting didn’t do so well here, with just 3 stars to its name. Grosvenor operates two venues in Glasgow and both have done better, with 4 and 4.5 stars respectively.

Genting hasn’t given much attention to Welsh players, with the closest option being its resort in Birmingham, which rates consistently above the 4 stars. The Grosvenor casino in Cardiff does well for itself with 4 stars.

This is a tough round to call, in part because we are aware that a quick look at third-person reviews doesn’t really give a true picture of the quality of the experience. They are just an indication. That said, Grosvenor venues seem to land better ratings than Genting and given that the brand in blue has ten more land-based locations, a decision can be made.

Grosvenor Casino takes the first round!

Online casino design

Grosvenor Vs Genting Divider 2

Let’s be honest. While most of us would love to live close enough to a casino to visit regularly, even those who do appreciate the convenience and accessibility of the online version. There’s a good reason online casinos are so popular after all and we suspect that being able to play while lounging on the sofa in your pyjamas has plenty to do with it . So in this round, our fighters will be putting their online offering to the test.

They say first impressions are crucial, so let’s start there. Both casino homepages look very sharp indeed, with a curated selection of games located beneath a menu bar at the top of the page. We notice that both include a search function, for easy access to specific titles, and approve of that addition.

These two are fairly well matched when it comes to appearances, though we would argue that the Grosvenor page includes too much empty black space. Genting’s site looks a little more welcoming and less formal, which is a good look for a casino.

Onto a more detailed look. Genting houses additional pages within reach through a menu on the left-hand side of the screen. This is smart as the top menu is one button away from being too crowded. Aside from clicking the menu button, there is nothing else a user needs to do in order to reach any part of the Genting site.

The Grosvenor casino site does not include a collapsible menu but the format does not look too crowded. Overall it’s a fairly intuitive site to use though we would like to see the Help option take a little more prominence. At the moment, it is just a text hyperlink located beneath the search bar. We think it should be a little more conspicuous.

These two seem to be evenly matched in what they offer online players. Like Grosvenor Casino, Genting has taken steps to connect its online presence with its casino venues and vice versa. This allows them to tap into a small but important group of people – those who play online and also visit land-based locations.

Grosvenor Casino uses its PlayPoints card system to reward players for all their activity, whether it is online or at their local casino. Genting allows players to make deposits and withdrawals to their online account at the Cash Desk of some of their bricks-and-mortar casinos, with plans to expand to the whole group.

When it comes to their sites and cross-product value, Grosvenor Casino and Genting Casino are equally matched. This rounds ends in a tie!

Games selection and mobile product

Grosvenor Vs Genting Divider 3

A casino is nothing without its games and in the modern world, the standards are pretty high. Brands that do not offer enough variety rarely last long as players look to diversify their experience while still demanding only safe, fair and high quality casino games.

Let’s start off with what is traditionally the biggest category – slot games. Both Grosvenor and Genting offer a substantial collection of slots. Neither provide the number of games they host but a quick look at both sites suggests there are easily over 200 titles.

Over in the Jackpots section, we can see a good number of games available at both casinos but what swung it towards Grosvenor is the fact that it offers the most popular jackpot ever, Mega Moolah, while Genting does not.

Moving on to table games, we have to admit it took us a minute to actually find the table games over at Genting casino. The category is accessed via a button labelled ‘Online Casino’ which doesn’t really tell you much about the games inside. The full collection was hardly impressive, with only four video poker titles, four roulette titles and a solitary blackjack game available. Not a great showing from what is otherwise a respectable brand!

It’s a lot more interesting over at Grosvenor casino. Firstly, the table games are easier to find. The number of games is also a little more generous – we counted 12 roulette options, 9 blackjack options, 2 baccarat games and 6 poker titles, though these do also include live casino games. There are nine total live game options at Genting casino, including baccarat, blackjack and roulette.

In comparing the two contenders’ sports betting section, Grosvenor casino clearly comes out tops. While both offer betting on a range of sporting events, Grosvenor goes the extra mile, offering multiple opportunities to bet on politics, TV and novelty events and, most importantly, esports. Genting casino may be a little older than Grosvenor but that’s no excuse – being hip with the youth is the key to keeping your audience happy.

Next we took a look at what these two could do on a mobile device. Both offer casino apps. In fact, Grosvenor offers three distinct apps, one each for casino games, live casino and sports betting. We downloaded the casino app alongside the Genting app for a test drive.

Well, it turns out the Genting app for Android is less casino games and more casino bookings. If you are planning on a trip to any Genting venue and want to book your accommodation, this is one way to do it. The GentingBet app can only be downloaded onto iOS devices, which we didn’t have to hand. We uninstalled that app pretty quickly, feeling rather sheepish.

Does Grosvenor fare any better? Objectively speaking, yes. The app is quick to launch and load games. There’s a decent selection of slots, live casino, jackpots and table games to explore and though there is a different dedicated app, sports betting can also be accessed from the casino application.

Not wanting to dismiss Genting for what could be considered our own error, we fired up the Genting mobile version on an Android smartphone. It performed well, delivering an adapted version of the desktop site with clear navigation and all the different section of the casino easily accessible.

Grosvenor casino takes the point for Round Three!

And the winner is…

Grosvenor Vs Genting Winner Divider

It was a close match. Two behemoths of the UK casino gambling scene, squaring up to claim the title. It was a take-no-prisoners kind of match, with two brands, over 100 years of experience between them, that have long dominated British gambling and have become household names.

After three gruelling rounds, the winner has been decided. Grosvenor Casino takes home the (virtual) trophy!

Despite suffering a blow, Genting Casino is by no means a loser. While it can do with sprucing up a few elements of its offering, it continues to offer top-notch experiences to players, both online and at its many venues across the country. Better luck next time, Genting. Grosvenor Casino is our pick for Best Land-Based Casino!

  • The Grosvenor brand has a stellar reputation.
  • £20 free if you're a member of a Grosvenor live casino.
  • Manual flushing available.
Casino review
  • First Deposit
  • £20 bonus cash
  • Welcome Bonus
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