German states agree new gambling treaty

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German states agree new gambling treaty

It’s been a long time coming but Germany's states have finally reached agreement on a new gambling treaty.

The new arrangement will scrap the cap on the number of licenses available in the country while also possibly clearing the way for online casino products.

On Friday 28th October, the German Prime Minister’s Conference published a press release stating that agreement had been reached between the 16 German states on the main points of a State Treaty on Gambling.

This announcement brought to an end the four-year stalemate that’s paralysed the gambling industry since the approval of a previous treaty in 2012.

The press release further explained that restrictions on the number of sports betting licenses were to be lifted.

Previously, no more than 20 such licences could be issued.

Furthermore, the press statement suggested that government’s attitudes towards online casino gambling might be softening.

Not that the suggestion that German gaming regulations should “anaylse the development in the field of online casino offers” hints at imminent change.

However, the nation’s gambling industry will be very encouraged given how Germany has previously refused to have anything at all to do with online casinos.

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