Gambling terms dominate paid keyword list

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Gambling terms dominate paid keyword list

Search Engine Watch has published a list of the 100 most expensive keywords in the UK online market. And as a vast number of the keywords in question related to gambling, it was notable that a large number of said terms were misspelled.

A list gleaned from an SEMrush dataset of 12m keywords, the expensiveness of the terms was calculated by applying the average price paid for each keyword on Google AdWords.

As reported by Calvin Ayre, the survey was topped by the phrase ‘play live blackjack’ at a massive £148.51 per click. Gambling-related phrases actually made up the whole of the list’s top 10 and all but three of the places in the top 25.

Remarkable though this dominance might be, there’s no disguising one’s amusement at the second most expensive keyword – at £144.76 – is ‘rolete’.

Speaking of which, you can also pay a fortune for ‘rullet’ (£111.62) and ‘roulet’ (£107.10). The upper-half of the list also showcases ‘online casion’ and ‘casnio’.

What all this says about the intelligence of the gambling community, we’ll leave you to conclude.

And to check out the list in its entirety, click here.

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