Is The Donald still holding the Presidential nomination Trump cards?

11th November 2015 by RightCasino facebook 1 mins read Category: News

Whatever you thought of the outcome of this year’s general election, there were some people who made a lot of money of it.

Whether one wanted to bet on the overall result or the vote in particular constituencies, the major bookmakers serviced a large amount of action. And as the likes of Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and Co. won big, so did the odd politically-astute punter.

And now things are ramping up for the 2016 US election. With Barack Obama bound for pastures new, we’ll have a fresh face in the White House come January 2017. And at 20-1, Donald Trump is a very good value bet – even if the thought of The Donald in the Oval Office is more frightening than 50 Freddy Kruegers.

Naturally, the man with the world’s most hair-raising hair is way down the field with regard to those chasing the Republican nomination. He might be running away with the polls but has Jeb Bush (10/3), Marco Rubio (8/1) and Scott Walker (12/1) at shorter odds.

Meanwhile, Hilary Clinton is at evens to both take the Democrat nomination and then go on to become the country’s first female President.

Though Bill’s better half is a fair way clear of her rivals, there is a lot of enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders. The plain-speaking Independent Senator from Vermont has thrown his hat into the Democrat ring and, at 8/1, he is by far the best value Liberal bet.

But what about the romantic/foolish gambler? You’ll be glad to know Paddy Power is keen to keep them happy, hence the 125/1 odds on First Lady Michelle Obama taking over from her old man.

Charlie Sheen, Alec Baldwin and Kim Kardashian are also – very – outside chances at 500/1, 750/1 and 1000/1 respectively.

Update – In the wake of the 10th November Republican debate, most of the leading bookmakers are agreed that Marco Rubio is the favourite to clinch the GOP’s Presidential nomination. With Rubio at 11/8, Donald Trump is but a short distance behind at 7/2. His hotly-tipped rival Ben Carson now stands at 7/1, as does Jeb Bush. And if you’re one of those punters with a sense of humour, Sarah Palin is 300/1 to become the first female Republican Presidential nominee.

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