Crack the code at

6th March 2015 by RightCasino facebook 1 mins read Category: Promotions just announced a new promotion called Crack the Code.

Existing players that have already claimed the sign-up bonus will be able to participate in this offer.

How to crack the code?

You don’t need to be a special agent in order to crack the code and earn a bonus at this month.

  • The promotion starts on Monday, March 9th 2015 and will run until Monday, April 6th 2015.
  • Visit the promotion page and then enter your username and email to crack the safe.
  • Once the safe is cracked a daily point target and bonus amount will be displayed.
  • Players have to achieve the daily point total at least five days during the promotion to win a prize.
  • Bonuses will be credited to qualifying accounts within three days of the promotion ending.
  • The size of the bonus varies and depends upon your previous activity at


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