CleganeBowl – It’s real, it’s damn real!

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Season Six of Games Of Thrones has been a real tonic after the somewhat dour Series Five. And if the actions depicted in episode seven, ‘The Broken Man’, are anything to go by, we’re building up to the biggest knockdown, drag-out battle in the history of fantasy television.

Okay, so nothing’s guaranteed, but from what we have to go on, before the season’s over, the two greatest warriors in the whole of Westeros are about to cross swords.

The Hound v The Mountain – it’s the battle every fanboy has been dreaming of. And while George RR Martin’s books suggested such a donnybrook could never occur – as YouTube GoT expert extraordinaire Alt Shift X eloquently explains the TV series has brought both characters back from the dead to make the match-up of the millennium less a probability than an inevitability.

But who will win? Will it be the reanimated Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane who in his new guise as Ser Robert Strong has no need of sleep, food or privy privileges? Or will it be his younger brother Sandor – The Hound – who having been left for dead by Arya Stark has turned up on the Westeros equivalent of a hippy commune?

Readers and viewers will be aware that the duo have clashed before – Sandor acquired his horrific facial scarring in infancy when big bro pushed his face into a furnace. And while the story has since kept them apart, they’ve enhanced their reputations by crushing all that have come before them – all that is except for Brienne of Tarth (in the case of Sandor) and Oberyn Martell (Gregor).

Of course, the demands of the story will determine who will come out on top when – as they must – the siblings square off to decide the fate of Cersei Lannister. If the bookies have yet to offer odds on the outcome, keep an eye on as it’ll only be a matter of time before you can put a few quid on CleganeBowl.

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