Church of Scotland wants ban on gambling ads in sport

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Church of Scotland wants ban on gambling ads in sport

The Church of Scotland has called for an end to gambling advertisements in Sport.

Just a week after Glasgow Rangers announced a new shirt sponsorship deal with 32Red , the Church of Scotland published a report entitled Striving Together: Celebrating Competitiveness in Sport  which calls for both the Scottish and UK governments to ban problematic gambling adverts' involvement in sport.

It’s a big year for Scotland with Glasgow hosting the 2014 commonwealth games in July and the report aims to build a legacy from the games around improving livelihoods, particularly for those in deprived areas.

Outlining their position, Reverend Sally Foster-Fulton of the Church and Society council gave the following statement:

"We urge the Scottish and UK Governments and sporting bodies to implement measures designed to reduce hazardous and harmful gambling and to impose a ban on advertising gambling in the context of sports. The normalisation of gambling has been proven to have a damaging effect on the lives of thousands across Scotland".

As is increasingly familiar these days, the concerns centre on the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) and their strategic positioning in society’s lower end income areas.

Last month, Campaign for Fairer Gambling figures revealed that £2bn was wagered across Scotland’s nine poorest councils, contrasting sharply with the £1.1bn staked throughout Scotland’s highest earning councils.

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