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Update: Casino behemoth Adelson bankrolls Trump – but to what end?

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Update: Casino behemoth Adelson bankrolls Trump – but to what end?

A name synonymous with the Vegas gambling scene, Sheldon Adelson is today just as famous for his opposition to the legalisation of marijuana and online gambling.

However, the owner of the Las Vegas Sands casino might soon receive a nasty taste of infamy.

It was on Tuesday 18th April that a Federal Election Commission revealed that Adelson gave $5 million to help fund Donald Trump’s inauguration celebrations. The report added that Adelson’s donation represented 5% of the $107 million given to the new president by his wealthiest supporters.

Adelson (above centre) is also believed to have given $11.2 million to Trump during the race to the White House. And then there was the small matter of the $20 million he’d shelled out to the Republican Senate Leadership Fund in September 2016.

In the wake of that last donation, Senate Republicans introduced a new version of Adelson’s Restoration of America’s Wire Act, the upshot of which will be the reinstatement of a ban on online gambling within the United States.

As for what Adelson was hoping to receive for his $5 million, there’s been press speculation that Attorney General Jeff Sessions could yet reverse the 2011 Department of Justice opinion that the 1961 Wire Act only applies to online sports betting.

During his confirmation hearings, Sessions said that he was willing to “revisit” said opinion. And reversing the opinion would be a whole lot easier than cramming the RAWA through Congress.

Still, if he has a powerful ally in AG Sessions, Adelson is soon to lose one of his key supporters in the Senate as the House of Representatives with Jason Chaffetz announcing that he will not seek re-election next yet.

Update - On Tuesday 25th April, Haaretz reported that President Donald Trump and Sheldon Adelson might no longer be the close friends they once were. According to the news agency, The Donald ignored Adelson's recommendations for major posts in his presidency's administration. And now that Trump has reneged on his promise to relocate the America's embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the Vegas casino magnate is alleged to be "angry and disappointed" with the man to whom he's given tens of millions of dollars in the past 12 months. And speaking of Mr Adelson's deep pockts, Haaretz has reason to believe that further donations to President Trump will not be forthcoming.

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