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Are there casinos for women?

8th February 2019 by Alex facebook 3 mins read Category: Features

It may come as a surprise to some that there are casino brands out there geared specifically towards women. They generally carry the same types of games as other casinos and offer a similar player experience – so how are they different?

To answer that, we are taking a look at how players of different genders approach gambling and how that influences the kind of casino experience brands aim to offer their players. There has been plenty of research on this topic and the results prove an interesting perspective on how men and women gamble.

More women are gambling online

The exact figures on the proportion of male to female players vary depending on which literature you consult. But the overall pattern remains the same – after many years of tailing behind, the number of female players is catching up to the number of male players. While there are still more men gambling online, the gap between the two is shrinking.

Thanks to the internet and the fact that almost everyone has a smart device nowadays, online gambling has become much more accessible to many more people. The UKGC reports an uptick in mobile gambling. It would seem that having easier access to online gambling may have contributed to more women becoming interested in this kind of activity.

Women gamble differently

While it would be silly to make broad generalisations based on gender, there is data to show that men and women approach gambling in different ways. Men are motivated by the desire to win and are more likely to be interested in skill-based games like poker and blackjack. Women, on the other hand, take a more relaxed view of gambling.

There are three main factors that appeal to women when gambling. The first is its social aspect. Bingo, for instance, is predominantly played by women and that is also true of online bingo. The game provides the opportunity to chat with other women and enjoy a relatively low stakes, low competition activity and the online version creates a very close approximation of this real-life interaction online.

Another popular category of games with women is online slots. This is likely because slots are played individually – there is only one player involved and there is no element of skill. This might be explained by the fact that, since casinos (real-life and online) have been dominated by male players for so long, they are perceived as intimidating spaces that are hostile to new or inexperienced players. Slot games let a player enjoy the thrill of gambling without the involvement of others, who may or may not be welcoming.

Finally, there is evidence to suggest that women enjoy online casinos because they offer free games. Demo mode or free play is available on the majority of casino games (usually not live casino though) and for new players, this can be a risk-free confidence-builder.

Casinos for female players

As we mentioned earlier, there are several casino brands that are designed specifically to attract female players. However, that doesn’t mean that other casinos do no welcome women!

The truth is that most casinos offer the games men are most likely to play – skill games, sports betting etc – alongside games that appeal to women such as slots and bingo. And of course there’s nothing stopping women from playing table games or men from enjoying bingo and slots!

The main difference between ‘generic’ casinos and casinos for women is what we would call the decor. A lot of casinos present themselves are hyper-competitive spaces, often in darker, ‘masculine’ colours and with themes that alienate women.

Casinos for ladies are often more approachable, utilising bright or neutral colours and focusing more on having a good time than on winning or being the best. Through the use of friendlier language and a more approachable user experience, these casinos show a sensitivity towards the different expectations women have when gambling.

At the end of the day, it is important to choose a casino that makes you feel at home. A site that does what you want it to do and that lets you enjoy the kinds of activities you prefer. Below are a few casinos brands that have been created specifically with women in mind.

While we get behind these brands, we always suggest that players have a look around an online casino first and closely read the T&Cs before signing up.

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