5 A-List celebrities banned from casinos

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It must be tough to be a celebrity. While these star-studded icons live much of their lives in the lap of luxury, the pressure of fame can amount to some world-class meltdowns. Take Justin Bieber – the gawky rascal got in trouble last year for spitting at a fan and writing “Hopefully she would have been a Belieber” in the guest book of the Anne Frank museum. Sad, really.

If these tinsel town time bombs detonate inside a casino, the outcome is often a lifetime ban. Below are the 5 most high-profile celeb gamblers whose casino careers were cut prematurely short.

5) Allen Iverson

Former Philadelphia shooting guard, Allen Iverson, is widely acknowledged as one of the finest defensive players in the history of the NBA. However, he is almost as well known for his erratic on and off court behaviour. This hell-raising hoopster has been involved in multiple clashes with the law and is infamous for his legendary benders.

However, Iverson seems to have particular gripe with casino managers and is currently banned from practically every gambling establishment in Detroit. The grounds for exclusion? Hurling chips at dealers, insulting other players, swearing loudly and refusing to return $10,000 in overpaid chips.

That, sir is a technical foul.

4) Derren Brown

British-born illusionist Derren Brown has proven himself a dab-hand with a deck of cards in his career as a TV and stage magician, but finds it nearly impossible to gain entry to casinos.

Fearing for their finances, casino managers in the Broadway Plaza Casino in Birmingham informed Brown that he would be unable to play at their Blackjack tables in May 2013. It was suspected that Brown’s uncanny card-counting abilities (demonstrated in a televised stunt) would lead to potentially ruinous advantage play, sending the Plaza pit bosses into a froth.

The weasel-faced wizard took the exclusion in his stride, tweeting a picture of himself being led out of the Broadway by a security guard with the message: ‘After being politely escorted from @BroadwayCasino. Lovely people, great food, very generous bunch.’ During an interview, Brown confessed that he has actually been banned from most UK casinos, ‘so [he] wasn’t unduly surprised’ the eviction.

3) One Direction

Britain’s (ahem) proudest musical export, One Direction, found themselves on the wrong side of casino management in Las Vegas last year. The coiffured teen-dolls were placed on high security by The Palms hotel after they were caught playing in the hotel’s casino, due to all five members being under the age of 21.

On the other side of the world, group leader Harry Styles was given a ‘severe dressing down’ by the manager of the Pearl Room casino in Perth, where Styles allegedly overspent while getting his teenage kicks at the Blackjack tables.

2) Lil’ Wayne

Oh dear, Weezy; where did it all go wrong? In addition to inflicting Rebirth on the world in 2010, the sizzurp-sippin’ rap star managed to get himself banned from the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas, meaning he was a no-show at a party hosted by his pal Drake. Drake, ever the gentleman, told his buddy to ‘take care.’

The casino management haven’t disclosed precisely what Wayne did to deserve his lifetime exclusion, but noted that while they ‘don’t want any trouble’ from the rapper, he would be forcibly removed from the premises if he ever tried to return to the Wynn.

Wayne was previously slapped with a probation in Arizona that prevents him from drinking in the state, so it’s fair to assume that booze might have had something to do with his unceremonious eviction from the Wynn.

Or maybe he tried to play guitar .

1) Paris Hilton

Topping yet another list for shameful celebrity behaviour, we have heiress, DJ and professional airhead Paris Hilton.

While Hilton is a repeat offender who has been evicted from multiple casinos in her time, it was a particular incident in 2006 that has earned her the top spot on this list. The starlet actually managed to get herself banned from a casino owned by the Hilton brand after losing a £175,000 Bentley in a high-stakes poker game.

That’s right; Paris Hitlon has become the first person in history to be evicted from a casino with her own name above the door. It was daddy who enforced the ban, ordering his daughter to seek help for an alleged gambling problem.

Despite the embarrassing incident, Paris insists that she is ‘obsessed’ with poker, describing it as her ‘favourite game.’

Stick to the day job, eh Paris?

Oh, wait…

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