Outrageous gambling ads that will totally blow your mind

2nd February 2019 by RightCasino facebook 2 mins read Category: Entertainment

The online casino industry has produced some thoroughly barmy adverts over the years.

When you consider the heavy restrictions on gambling marketers, it’s hardly surprising that casino brands have to think outside the box when it comes to promoting their product. But some brands go the extra mile to come up with thoroughly memorable advertising.

Listed below are the 8 zaniest, loopiest and most totally outrageous ads ever to grace our screens. A fair few of these were actually pulled off the air for being a bit too ‘out there,’ so readers of a vulnerable disposition should look away now…

8) 32 Red– Monkey business

Basically just the Hippodrome on a Saturday night. 32Red hired some seriously mischievous extras for this ad, which kind of made us wonder – do monkeys even like to gamble? No sooner did we put the question to Google than the answer was provided. Monkeys do, in fact, enjoy gambling and scientists are actually learning a whole lot about human risk-taking behaviour from our simian friends. So 32Red weren’t that far off the mark after all…

7) Ladbrokes – Hide and seek

This one is just the right amount of sinister for our liking. Lemurs are cute and all but this one (all 15 feet of it) seems a little too rowdy to be considering cuddly.

6) 32Red – Pimp my tractor

Good to know that popular casinos are supporting domestic agriculture. We wouldn’t mind zipping around the ‘tater fields on that shiny new machine!

5) BetVictor – Talk to Victor

“Next stop: Vegas! Uh hur-hur-hur…” This feels as much like an ad for BetVictor as it does a PSA against consuming too much caffeine.

4) Ladbrokes – shark bait

We don’t know what ‘thrill buds’ are but this advert is just ace – the filming, the editing, the storyline. Really, a triumph of the cinematic arts.

3) CasinoUK – What a big one!

We’re all adults here but no one is above a childish joke. The kids these days might include an eggplant emoji when talking about this one but we’re way too mature for that sort of thing…

2) 888 – Butter side down

To think, the answer to the world’s energy crisis could be solved by giant pieces of buttered toast taped to equally large cats. Imagine the power that infinite spinning could generate!

1) Paddy Power – The masters themselves

VAR is a source of great disagreement in the world of football but there’s no denying it might help solve some tricky situations in the real world. As always, Paddy Power isn’t afraid to get cheeky with its advertising and frankly, we could have included another half a dozen example of their work but this one is a personal favourite.

Updated on 4th April 2019

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