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Responsible Gambling Trust

The Responsible Gambling Trust is an industry-funded charity committed to minimising gambling-related harm.

What is the Responsible Gambling Trust?

This independent, national charity is the leading provider of gambling education, prevention and treatment services. It aims to prevent people from getting into trouble with gambling by making them aware of the facts and ensuring that the industry takes sufficient steps to protect consumers.

It also works to ensure that those who do find themselves with gambling problems are quickly able to receive effective treatment. 

To ensure trust and credibility, the organisation invites the government, the Gambling Commission and the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB) to observe its operations.

The RGSB is the independent adviser of the Gambling Commission and produces an independent and unbiased national strategy, based on the best evidence available, to reduce gambling-related problems.


The Responsible Gambling Trust does not receive any public funding.  Instead, it raises a minimum of £5 million each year from gambling operators in Britain via a voluntary, donations-based system. 

The organisation asks every business that gains income from gambling to make some form of donation to help reach this target.

Companies that donate to the Responsible Gambling Trust receive a donor certificate and logo that they can display to show their support for responsible gambling.

Participating casinos can be identified by the presence of this seal in their website footer.

History of the Responsible Gambling Trust

The Responsible Gambling Trust was established as an independent, industry-funded organisation to ensure a higher standard of social responsibility from the UK commercial gambling market.

The Trust was established in April 2012, as a result of the merger of The GREaT Foundation and Responsible Gambling Fund.

The intention behind the merger was to streamline the process of fundraising and the distribution of money, to ensure that as much of the money raised as possible would reach those who need it.

Since 2009, the Trust and its predecessors have raised over £25 million in donations from gambling operators to its front-line services.

How can the Responsible Gambling Trust help?

The goal of the Responsible Gambling Trust is to minimise problem gambling in the longer term. As such, its activities are mostly related to education and research rather than the provision of front-line assistance to problem gamblers.

However, the Trust has commissioned effective services from treatment and education providers, offering grants to charities with more direct involvement in gamblers’ lives.

The organisations supported include GamCare, Gordon Moody Association and CNWL National Problem Gambling Clinic, all of which provide practical front-line assistance to those who are affected by problem gambling.







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