Closing your casino account and self-exclusion

Time to move on? Follow these instructions to close or exclude yourself from your casino account.

  • Close your account

    There are many reasons that players decide to close an active casino account.

    You might have gone through a cold streak at a particular website, or perhaps you’re just looking for a change of scenery.

    Whatever the reason, closing your account should be fairly straightforward.

  • Contact Support

    To close your casino account, simply contact customer support through one of your casino’s recommended channels and let them know that you intend to cancel your membership.

    You may wish to consult the website’s terms and conditions for specific instructions.

  • Self-exclude

    For a less permanent arrangement, you can request a casino exclude you from your account for an agreed-upon cool-off period.

    This exclusionary period can be a matter of weeks, months or can be indefinite. During this time, you will also no longer receive promotional material from your casino.

Additional notes

  • Bear in mind that most casino websites will keep your personal information on record, even after you close your account. Check your casino’s privacy policy before registering.
  • This page provides a very general guide to account closure and self-exclusion, as every casino has a slightly different process for closing accounts.
  • Casinos will often try to prevent you from leaving by offering you new deals (they want to keep their custom, after all!) If you are determined to close your account, just be firm and clear and everything should be fine.