Gambling Therapy

Do you or does someone close to you have a gambling problem? Gambling Therapy provides free advice and support that can aid your recovery.

What is Gambling Therapy?

Gambling Therapy is an online support service for individuals who have been adversely affected by gambling. It is a registered charity, affiliated with the Gordon Moody Association.

Gambling Therapy provides support through a number of channels:

  • A live advice online chat function.
  • A number of online groups and forums.
  • Confidential e-mail correspondence.
  • An informational database on support resources in various territories.

How can Gambling Therapy help?

No matter where you are based, if you are suffering addiction, you will benefit from the services provided by Gambling Therapy. All correspondences are completely anonymous. The forums give problem players the opportunity to talk with people in similar circumstances in a safe environment, while a free helpline provides for one-to-one support around the clock.

The website also contains comprehensive information and guidance on the causes, symptoms and impacts of addiction, while their extensive database can provide detailed information about local resources and charities close to you.

Should you contact Gambling Therapy?

Gambling Therapy contains invaluable services and resources for problem players in all territories (the site is optimised for a number of different languages). If you are struggling with gambling, to any degree, you should definitely check out Gambling Therapy.


All support is provided on-site.



Gambling Therapy, 47 Maughan Street, Dudley, West Midlands, DY1 2BA, United Kingdom