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Choosing an online casino

Learn the tricks for spotting legitimate operators and find your right casino.

There are literally hundreds of online casinos on the market. The main purpose of RightCasino is to help you find your right casino: a safe, honest and high-quality gambling website with the games and products you want.

On this page we have listed a few additional tips to help navigate the world of online gambling like a pro. Alternatively, you can use our advanced sorting and filtering system to quickly track down your right casino.


Every online casino operator must carry a license from a recognised regulatory body in order to conduct business. Licensing information can usually be found in a casino’s footer and should be the first thing you look for to determine if a website is credible.

For more information about casino licensing, click here.

Can I play here?

There are various legal restrictions that prohibit certain players from taking part in online gambling. In some cases, you might sign up to a casino and deposit, only to find that you are unable to cash-out. This is why it is imperative that you check a casino’s terms and conditions to see whether you are able to play.


Every territory that allows gambling places restrictions on the minimum age of player. The precise legal age for gambling varies worldwide, but as a rule most online casinos only accept players aged 18 and over.

Restricted territories and grey markets

Players from some regions are unable to gamble online due to the laws imposed by their countries of residence – these are known as ‘restricted territories’.

Other regions are considered ‘grey markets’, meaning that, although they are not strictly prohibited from online gambling, they are restricted by some casinos for one reason or another. Players from grey markets are sometimes unable to claim bonuses.


Most casinos support a variety of languages and usually display them on their homepage.

Information about language options is also displayed in all of our casino reviews.


Many casinos accept multiple currencies. However, if your preferred currency is not supported by an online casino, you might have to convert your bankroll before you are able to play. This is time-consuming and can incur additional fees. Also, the value of your bankroll will be subject to fluctuating conversion rates.

Is this really your right casino?

Different casinos will offer different products and services. Therefore, while a casino might be of a good overall standard and receive a high score from our critics, it may not provide a particular game that you want, or be somewhat weak in an aspect you consider important.

Below you will find the most important criteria we consider when assessing the quality of an online casino.

Safety and security

This is absolutely paramount and can be determined by a number of factors: the credibility of a casino’s licensing body, the quality of its software providers, its brand identity/history and level of customer satisfaction. If a casino has any track record for fraud or customer exploitation, it will not be included on RightCasino.

For more information about safety and security at online casinos, click here.

Customer support

Many players feel that solid customer support is an essential component of an online casino. We rate casinos more highly for providing multiple channels for contacting staff (email, live chat etc.) and 24/7 support.

For more information about customer support, click here.

Games – quality and variety

In years gone by, it was enough for online casinos to provide a handful of virtual table games. Conversely, modern casino operators can offer hundreds of virtual games and online slots, live tables, a poker client, bingo, sports betting, in-play and even the ability to speculate on financial markets. Of course, game quality will also vary but this is usually dependent on the casino’s software provider(s).

For more information about games, click here.


Casinos do not tend to create games in-house. Usually, they pay a licence fee to software providers who then allow gambling operators to host their products. Therefore, more and better providers mean more and better games.

For more information about casino software, click here.

Bonuses and promotions

Many players are drawn to casinos that offer the best bonus incentives. However, the total value of a bonus is not the end of the story. You also have to consider the terms and conditions attached to bonuses and the range of available offers. Spotting real deals takes a bit of know-how, so you should click the link below for more information if you’re an online casino novice.

For more information about casino bonuses and promotions, click here.


Unsurprisingly, a lot of gamblers consider the efficiency and quality of a casino’s banking service to be pretty important. Online casinos set various limits on their minimum and maximum cash transfers, accept different payment methods and conduct cash transactions within different timeframes. All of this is important information to consider when looking for an online casino.

For more information about casino banking, click here.

Design and usability

Recently, online casinos have been making more of an effort to present an attractive context for gambling entertainment. We offer extra kudos to casinos whose design is clean, inviting and easy to navigate and deduct points for confusing lay-outs and an overload of adverts.

Device compatibility

Mobile gambling has taken the casino industry by storm, meaning that the majority of brands offer at least some form of mobile compatibility. However, it is still important to check whether your casino supports your device, so you can gamble on the go whether you’re packing an iPad or a BlackBerry.