Browser and download casinos

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of playing in-browser and on your desktop.

There are two main ways to access online casinos: instantly in-browser and on your desktop via downloaded gambling software.

Some casinos offer both and some provide one or the other. Both come with distinct advantages and disadvantages and different players have different preferences. This page will run through the characteristics of each so that you can make up your own mind.

In-browser or ’instant’ play?

‘Instant-play’ casinos allow customers to log-in and gambling directly from their browser, without having to install any additional software. In-browser games typically run on Flash or JavaScript.


  • Instant gratification: you can get stuck into the action immediately with no tedious waiting around for software to install.
  • No junk on your computer: you don’t have to contend with casino software eating up your virtual memory and slowing down your computer.
  • Privacy: tracking software might be installed on your computer if you download a desktop casino suite (although this should be indicated prior to installation if you read the terms and conditions).


  • Slowdown: the quality of your experience will depend on your internet connection or, in the case of live games, the integrity of the video stream. You could even lose winnings if a game cuts-out midway.
  • Reduced catalogue: you will generally be able to access fewer games in-browser versus downloaded software and overall game quality will probably be lower.
  • Compatibility: software updates can temporarily affect device compatibility with in-browser casino games. meaning you cannot always guarantee that you will be able to play from your smart device.

Downloaded software

By downloading software to your desktop, you will be able to access a casino’s entire catalogue of games without having to actually access its website.


  • Best quality experience: you’ll get ALL the casino’s products in the highest quality with absolutely no slowdown.
  • Customisation: many casinos allow you to tailor your virtual suite, changing themes, your avatar and more.
  • Security: cash transactions to and from a downloaded casino suite are regarded as far more secure than in-browser transactions.


  • Delays: before you can play, you have to go through an installation process.
  • Too close to home: many players do not like casino brands downloading content to their computers, fearing privacy breaches.
  • Memory: casinos suites will take up virtual memory and could slow down your computer.

The right in-browser and downloaded casinos

No matter how you like to play, there’s amazing instant and downloaded gambling entertainment to be had at our top online casinos.