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Challenge the experts

Got a gambling question? If our team can’t provide an answer, we’ll give you £50!

£50 SAYS


The challenge

Think you’re a gambling guru? A betting braniac? Time to put your money where your mouth is!

The RightCasino team are the most formidable squad of gambling experts the world has ever seen – when it comes to gambling, there is nothing we don’t know.

Now we’re issuing a challenge to gambling know-it-alls everywhere: if you can come up with a question that we can’t answer, we’ll give you £50!

How to enter

If you think you’ve got a question tough enough to stump our experts, send it our way…

  • Follow us on Twitter @RightCasino and tweet your question with the hashtag #rightchallenge .
  • Like our Facebook page and send us your question as a comment.

The rules

Here are a few ground rules for taking part in this challenge:

  • Our experts get 48 hours to answer your question.
  • One question per punter, per 48 hour period. If you send us multiples, we will only consider the first one.
  • Questions must be sensible (i.e. no asking the experts to list every casino on the planet or calculate the number of poker chips in existence)
  • Questions must be gambling-related (our experts can’t help you out with the meaning of life, sorry.)
  • If we provide an answer that you can prove is incorrect, you win automatically!
  • There can only be one winner per day, so make sure it’s you!
  • If you win, we will send your fifty smackers as a bank cheque in the post. Alternatively, we can transfer the cash over PayPal or Skrill.

Meet the experts

This is the gambling dream team you’ll have to conquer if you want that prize money!

Joe Attard

Our very own gambling genius here at RightCasino, Joe is a highly experienced player and all-round casino maestro.

Think you can beat him at his own game? Not likely.

Michael Shackleford

AKA The Wizard of Odds, Michael is a former actuary and current heavyweight odds-cruncher. A foremost authority on casino maths – Michael shares betting tips with thousands of gamblers through his website.

If you really think you can vanquish this wizard, you’re wandering the wrong way up the yellow brick road.

J Todd

As the Executive Director of This Week in Gambling, J Todd has unrivalled knowledge of the casino industry.

They say that nobody lifts a finger in the gambling world without J Todd hearing about it first, so good luck trying to get one over on him.

Patrick Leonard

This online poker pro has racked up over $200,000 in winnings in 2014 alone and currently tutors wannabe sharks through PokerStrategy.com and his own website, wugwug.com.

If you’ve ever felt his wrath at the virtual tables then you’ll already know this guy’s a force to be reckoned with.

Terms and conditions

  • This promotion will begin on the 2nd April [TBC] at 00:00 (GMT).
  • Only questions sent via Twitter or Facebook will be accepted. For a question to be valid, participants must also follow/like RightCasino.com’s Twitter feed or Facebook page respectively.
  • Our experts will have 48 hours after receiving participants’ questions to respond.
  • If you do not receive a response to your question within the above timeframe, you will be contacted by a RightCasino.com admin for delivery, PayPal or Skrill details. Your £50 winnings will be delivered to your elected address or credited to your account within seven working days.
  • If the RightCasino.com experts provide a provably incorrect answer, the participant will automatically win.
  • Logically answerable.
  • Have a definitive, quantifiable answer.
  • Related to gambling.
  • Not be offensive or defamatory.
  • RightCasino.com withhold the right to deny payment if any of these terms and conditions are not met or at the discretion of RightCasino.com managers.
  • RightCasino.com withhold the right to utilise any details (email addresses, social media contact details etc.) for marketing purposes in future. The website will not violate its stipulated privacy policies in doing so.
  • RightCasino.com withhold the right to alter any of these T&Cs without prior warning.