Pyramid Bonus Deluxe

100% bonus up to £300 + 20 spins Wagering Requirements: 30
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100% up to £100 Wagering Requirements: 35
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Pyramid Bonus Deluxe video poker from Betsoft is a version of video poker that allows you to play three hands at once – one normal five card hand, and two three card hands.

You play all hands using the same cards. Your main poker hand is just the five cards you are drawn. The first three cards make up your first 'hand of three', and your last three cards make up your second 'hand of three'.

To start the game you select your coin size from 0.02 to 1.00, and the number of coins you wish to gamble with from one to five. You do not have to play with either of the three-card hands – you can choose to play neither, the first three cards or both. If you do choose to play them, you will use the same number of coins as your main bet. In order to minimise the house edge, you should play with five coins.

There are three pay tables, as follows:

Main, five-card hand:

Jacks or Better1x
Two Pair1x
Three of a Kind3x
Full House9x
Straight Flush50x
Four of a Kind80x
Natural Royal Flush250x/800x*

*the 800x multiplier is only available when gambling with five coins

First three-card hand:

Jacks or Better1x
Three of a Kind5x
Straight Flush15x
Wild Royal Flush100x

Second three-card hand:

Jacks or Better1x
Three of a Kind10x
Straight Flush20x
Wild Royal Flush50x

The term 'Wild Royal Flush' used in this game is a little confusing, as there are no wild cards. A more appropriate term would be 'mini royal', which is a suited queen, king and ace.

The game is extremely easy to operate, and all is familiar if you've played video poker before.

You can gamble all wins, but this is in the form of a 'beat the dealer' game. The dealer has one card, and you have four. When the dealer shows his card, you have to pick one of your face down cards in the hope of beating him. Sometimes if the dealer has a high card, you'll find that none of your cards will beat him. Annoyingly, the 'gamble' feature pops up every time you secure a win, and you have to click 'cancel' to make it go away again.


Video poker is complicated enough to play optimally, and pyramid poker makes it even more difficult – in fact there are a total of more than FIFTY SEVEN THOUSAND BILLION hands possible, over 14,000 times more than in normal video poker. To put that into perspective, if every possible hand was a star, you'd easily have enough stars to create one hundred galaxies the size of our own.

The sheer number of possible hands means the house edge in this game rises to a staggering 16.48 percent, which as far as video poker goes, is ridiculous. The basic graphics are bearable, but the omnipresent gamble feature is a pain.

A game that's worth playing for novelty value only. You are not going to get rich quick – or even slow – by playing this video poker variant.

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