Double Bonus (Microgaming)
69/ 100

Double Bonus (Microgaming)

£300 Bonus

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Video poker players tend to get a little excited when they hear that 'Double Bonus' poker is available. That's because this video poker variant is a rarity – there is no house edge! In fact, the edge – tiny though it is at 0.17% - is in favour of the player.

How can a video poker machine hope to make money if there is no house edge? The answer is simple – to obtain that beneficial house edge you have to play with perfect strategy, and playing with perfect strategy at video poker is not easy.

Before you get excited about Microgaming's Double Bonus video poker, we have to inform you that the pay table in this game has been doctored so that the edge is swung right back in favour of the casino. Usually a full house in this version of video poker pays 10x, but in Microgaming's game it is reduced to 9x. Even this tiny change is enough to remove the player's advantage. The house edge in this game is 0.84 percent.

The full pay table is as follows:

Jacks or Better x1
Two Pairs x1
Three of a Kind x3
Straight x5
Flush x7
Full House x9
Four of a Kind (5s to Ks) x50
Four of a Kind (2s, 3s, 4s) x80
Four of a Kind (As) x160
Straight Flush x50
Natural Royal Flush x250/x800

*The x800 value is only available if you bet at the highest level.

This is also one of Microgaming's more basic games. It's looks as if a developer worked at it for – say – the whole of one lunch break. The annoying habit of Microgaming's basic video poker games in holding 'valuable' cards is also present. Oh how we wish we could switch it off.


Don't get too excited by this game. That tiny house edge is lovely but you soon become fed up with un-holding cards you didn't want to hold in the first place, and the game simply looks dreadful. A video poker game for hard-core video poker fiends only.

Sounds good, let me play!

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