Deuces Wild (Playtech)

100% bonus up to £300 + 20 spins Wagering Requirements: 30
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100% up to £100 Wagering Requirements: 35
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Playtech have been making great casino games for almost two decades now, and they've never come up short in their video poker offerings. Some companies go for the authentic, early 1980s approach, while others use modern computer techniques to make what is essentially a repetitive game more fun to play. Playtech's policy is to stake out the middle ground.

Deuces Wild is one of the most popular forms of video poker, and most casino software companies have made a version of it. This plays out like a normal video poker game aside from the fact that all deuces (twos) are wild and can be used to represent any card. The sacrifice for this privilege is that the minimum value hand in the game that secures a win is a set or three-of-a-kind.

The pay table in this game is as follows:

Three of a Kindx1
Full Housex4
Four of a Kindx4
Straight Flushx9
Five of a Kindx15
Wild Royal Flushx25
Four deucesx200
Natural Royal Flushx250/x800*

*The x800 value is only available if you bet at the highest level.

You can choose your coin size from 0.05 to 5.00, and your bet level from one to five. The higher your stake, the more you win if luck is on your side.

Click 'deal' once you have selected your bet. The cards will appear. Any cards that form a winning hand and any deuces will be held, but you can unhold them if you want. Hold other cards by clicking on them, then hit 'deal' again to receive your final hand.

If you do win, then you can collect or gamble. If you choose to gamble you are shown one face up card and four face down cards. You must pick one of the face down cards – if its value is greater than the face up card, then you double your winnings. You can keep guessing until you reach 2,000, or you lose.

With correct play, the house edge in this game is 1.09%


People do tend to think that you have more chance of winning at video poker if wild cards are in play, but that's not the case – the lack of winning pairs makes you less likely to win. The RTP of 98.91% looks fine, but standard 'Jacks or Better' (99.54%) or All American (99.38%) are both better options.

Still, this is a nice game from Playtech, and should keep 'Deuces Wild' poker fans sufficiently entertained.

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