Mobile video poker

Play virtual video poker anytime, anywhere on a variety of compatible devices.

Advancements in technology have made it possible for online gambling to be enjoyed from the convenience of a mobile phone. Video poker is an extremely popular game that is enjoyed across the globe by millions of players, many of whom choose to play via a smart device.

What is mobile video poker?

By recent estimates, around $10 billion is wagered through mobile platforms every singly year, and mobile revenues are increasing all the time.

Video poker on mobile devices is identical to the game you would expect on desktops: the interface is the same, as are the rules of play. The only difference is that you can gamble literally anywhere, as long as you have a compatible device and a robust internet connection.

Video poker on mobile devices

As video poker is a relatively simple game to port to mobile platforms, it's genuinely surprising that more software providers do not provide versions of video poker for mobile devices. The reason for this could be due to the ban on US-based players from the mobile casino arena, and that video poker is still seen as an activity suited to US casinos.

There are a few mobile casinos that do offer a version of video poker on mobile devices – 32Red, for example.

Most casinos that offer video poker requires a download in order for players to be able to play the game. These downloads are only typically available for Android and iOS based systems. As more and more mobile software providers begin to embrace HTML5 as the mobile-coding 'option of choice', more games will be available for Windows Phone and BlackBerry users. 

How to player video poker on a mobile device

Playing video poker on a mobile devices is as simple an affair as playing video poker at any online casino.

Unfortunately, only the most basic version of video poker – Jacks or Better – seems to be available for mobile platforms.

You begin the game by selecting the size of your bet, using from one to five coins. Once you're happy hit the 'Deal' button to be dealt your poker hand consisting of five cards.

Tap any cards that you want to keep. You will see some indication that the card you have selected has been held. When you're satisfied with your selection, hit the 'draw' button to receive your final poker hand. If you've managed to land a poker hand with at a least the value of a pair of jacks, then you will be paid according to the pay table as presented with the game.

  • Video Poker Wild Multihand

  • Jacks or Better

  • Play Your Cards Right

Operating systems and platforms

Check the table below to see which of our featured casino partners provides video poker on your smart device.

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