Sports betting tipsters and communities

In sports betting, you should never gamble alone! Connect with communities and get expert tips.

The beauty of sports betting, compared to casino gambling, is the collaborate aspect. Following the rise of social media, sports bettors commonly pool knowledge and resources to improve their chances and share tips.

The best betting networks

Below, we have recommended some great sports betting communities, with wide player-bases encompassing fresh newbies and seasoned tipsters.

The sports betting community. For more than a decade, OLBG has been the internet’s foremost resource for betting information and bookmaker guides. OLBG’s betting forum soon blossomed into a thriving network of arbitrage enthusiasts, producing some of the best tips (and banter) available online. And, of course, it’s all totally free!

In addition to the forums, OLBG hosts regular get-togethers, where international punters meet up to share tips, compete in charity events and hit major tournaments.

If you’re a bit daunted by the forum, you can get the OLBG’s hot tips straight to your smart phone by following the community Twitter account @OLBG.

While OLBG can’t be beaten for depth, Betting Expert leads for sophistication and user experience. As a community, Betting Expert is all business. There’s no banter, just tips, with subscribers receiving ratings based on the accuracy and success of their forecasts.

After accumulating a number of ‘BE’ points for good tips, a user can become a ‘verified tipster’, eventually entering the ranks of Betting Expert’s ‘top tipsters’.

Calls by betting expert’s top tipsters have an accumulated yield of +4.42% over 86,782 tips, so you’ll be in safe hands if you follow their picks.

Online tipsters

Since the dawn of the betting industry, there have been punters presenting themselves as ‘tipsters', offering advice on the best bets. Cutting through the bull**** and locating the real gems has always been a challenge, and we’re generally sceptical of TV, radio and social media pundits who don’t publish their career yields.

However, there are services you can use to identify genuine authority figures in sports betting. keeps dozens of tipsters on its books, whose picks have seen proven success. All the attendant data is displayed: career profit, percentage yield, hit rate, average odds etc., so you know which tipsters have the best track records. One of the most respected international tipster sites is Spelbloggare, which provides betting advice to Swedish punters.

While there are a limited number of free tips available on the website, you have to subscribe to individual tipsters for their full assessments of a wide variety of betting markets. With subscription ranging from £89 to £45, this could be a reasonable investment if you’re lacking confidence in your own picks.

The right sports books to take your bets

Connect with some of these communities and punters, then put their shared knowledge to the test with some of our highest-rated online sports books.

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