Live in-play betting

Place selections on live events with in-play markets.

The innovation of betting exchanges has made it possible for punters to make selections during sporting events. This would be impossible for typical bookmakers, but with betting exchanges, live betting can be supported without undue risk to the operator.

What is in-play betting?

In a betting exchange, the operator takes a commission on wagers between players. With in-play betting, players in the exchange back and lay on particular selections while an event is on-going. For instance, players can bet on first scorers after half-time in football, set winners in tennis and so on.

To mitigate exploitation, in-play bets usually come with a time limit and the markets are actively managed by the operator. For example, betting might be halted after occurrences that substantially alter the odds (such as injuries, cards or penalties).

In-play markets are occasionally synced with social media, creating an exciting, communal experience with thousands of players interacting and betting in real-time. Generally speaking, in-play is restricted to major events that are widely televised.

There are numerous live football score services, such as that provided by SBAT, that provide detailed game information to assist in-play bettors. 

  • Betting exchange

    As opposed to bookmakers, who set their own odds, a betting exchange has players taking each other’s wagers. The operator simply receives a percentage commission. This model makes it feasible for gambling brands to monetise live betting as it confers very little risk on their side.

  • In-play markets

    In-play markets allow players to back or lay selections during live events. Common markets include first/last scorer, next corner, set winner, knock out round etc. In-play bets usually have short odds and can only be placed on major events with extensive television coverage. These markets are also monitored to prevent exploitation.

  • Live betting

    Players can place or take wagers from an operators’ website, which usually contain a live stream of the event in question. Some operators allow players to place bets directly from their social media accounts. This helps create a more communal atmosphere.

The right betting exchanges to place live bets

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