Learn how to play slot games

Get your head around online slot games with RightCasino: jargon, rules and how to play.

Fancy trying your luck on a few online slots? This introductory lesson will familiarise you with the basics as well as cluing you in on the terminology and helping you play with confidence.

The anatomy of a slot game

Slots are the most abundant casino products on and offline. Some websites offer hundreds of slot games to choose from and casinos make the bulk of their money from slot machines.

Obviously, every game is different, but the diagram below is an approximation of a generic slot game.

Terms and jargon

The following list of terms will help you understand the components of online slots:

Three reel: a game with three reels.
Five reel: a game with five reels (the most common variant online).
Auto-spin: a setting in online games that allows you to continue spinning without having to keep hitting the spin button. It can usually be set at different intervals, depending on your preference.
Bet: the amount wagered on each spin.
Bet max (max bet): a button that automatically bets the maximum amount permitted by the game on a single spin.
Bonus feature: a special mini game unlocked during play, offering the chance to win extra cash.
Coins: units that represent your cash balance.
Coin size: the value of a coin in actual money. Varies depending on the game.
Free spins: spins that cost nothing. These can be won during play.
Jackpot: the biggest prize that can be won on a single spin.
Multiplier: bonus feature that multiplies your winnings.
Pay-line: a line across the reels that winning symbols must fall on for a pay-out. Most online and virtual games have at least 20, but some have over 1000.
Pay table: contains information about the value of symbols.
Progressive jackpot: also called a ‘linked jackpot.’ A collective prize-pool made up of bets from all the players on a pokie game or a series of slot games. These can be very large prizes.
Random Number Generator (RNG): software that uses extremely long series of numbers to determine the outcome of spins.
Reels: vertical tumblers that reveal new symbols during every spin.
Scatter: a symbol that doesn’t need to be on a pay-line to count as a win.
Static jackpot: a jackpot that doesn’t change, no matter how much money you bet on a spin.
Symbols: pictures on the reels with different values. Some games feature special symbols that activate bonus features.
Wild: a wild symbol mimics other symbols, creating additional wins.
Winning combinations: winning combinations of symbols that pay-out on pay-lines.

How to play

Slot games are extremely easy to play, but there are a few things you should know before putting up any cash.

Check the pay table

In real world games, this appears on the cabinet. In virtual and live games, pay-tables can usually be accessed from a menu screen before you start to play. The pay-table will contain information about the value of symbols and how to activate/play bonus rounds.

How to bet

Depending on the game, you can place bets on either individual pay-lines or the total value of a spin, sometimes both. With pay-line games, you can choose to bet on a single or several lines and toggle the amount you wish to stake. You will also be able to adjust the value of coins, altering your actual stake accordingly. Once your bet is placed, click spin and cross your fingers!

Symbols on pay-lines

To activate symbols, you must land a certain number across a pay-line. In addition to normal symbols, there are bonus symbols that activate bonus rounds, jackpot symbols that will pay-out larger prizes, scatters that pay-out whether or not they appear on a pay-line and wilds, which can change into any type of symbol.

Bonus game features

Landing a certain number of bonus symbols on a pay-line will activate a bonus round. These are usually mini game where you can pick up multipliers, free spins and additional prizes.

The right casinos to play slots

Now that you know how to play, enjoy the best online slot gaming at our highest-rated casinos!

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