Wolf Gold

Wolf Gold Slot
121% up to £300 Wagering Requirements : 35
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£400 welcome bonus + 100 spins Wagering Requirements : 35
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100% bonus up to £300 + 20 spins Wagering Requirements : 30
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The Wolf Gold slot is a game by Pragmatic Play packed with exciting features. While playing this game, there are three possible bonuses: ‘Stacked Wilds, Money Respin, and Blazing Reels’. In this article, we will explain to you what these bonuses entail, where you can play Wolf Gold, and what the best strategy is to earn money with this entertaining slot.

Wolf Gold Slot

Wolf Gold has been around for quite some time and is popular among both experienced and new gamblers. Since 2017, online players have been able to enjoy this game, and it is widely played. With a maximum win of £100,000 and various bonus features, Wolf Gold is an attractive game for anyone with a penchant for slots. There are 25 paylines available during each spin on Wolf Gold. You can bet a minimum of £0.25 and a maximum of £100. The main symbol is (of course) a wolf, which also acts as a wild. The wolf yields payouts ranging from 1 to 20 times your bet. After the wolf symbol, there are other animals. The buffalo holds the same value as the wolf, thus providing payouts ranging from 1 to 20 times your bet. Next is the eagle with payouts ranging from 0.8 to 16 times your bet. Then the horse with a maximum payout of 12 times your bet, and finally, the puma with a maximum of 8 times your bet. There are also symbols with much less value: A, K, Q, J. These four symbols all pay up to 2 times your bet.

Gameplay Wolf Gold

The Wolf Gold Slot has a classic layout and consists of 5×3 symbols. It is a very entertaining game to play and operates smoothly. There are multiple features available, and the game is easy to understand, making playing Wolf Gold a relaxed and enjoyable experience.


As mentioned earlier, there are three different possible features that you can unlock while playing Wolf Gold. The fun part is that you’re not just hoping for the same thing all the time, but there are multiple options. This can fully surprise you with a nice change in the game. Below is a brief explanation of each feature, what it entails exactly, and how to unlock it.

Stacked Wilds

As you now know, the wolf is the symbol that can be combined with all other symbols. This means that the wolf is equivalent to a ‘wild’. These wilds can be ‘stacked on top of each other’. This then results in bigger prizes.

Money Respin

One symbol that we have not yet discussed is the snowball. This is one of the symbols that are exclusively present for a feature. In the case of Wolf Gold, the goal is to collect at least six snowballs during one spin. If you succeed, you will receive a number of free respins. The snowballs you have already collected will remain, and with each additional snowball you get, you also get an extra free spin. This continues until your spins are up and you no longer roll any snowballs. You will now receive the amounts stated in the snowballs added together times your bet.

Blazing Reels

The last available feature is the Blazing Reels, where a larger symbol appears, taking up three of the five rows and providing a payout boost. The exciting part of this feature is what symbol appears, the better the symbol, the more chance of a high payout!


There are different strategies for playing slots. You can start with a high bet or choose to first feel it out with the minimum bet. For Wolf Gold, it is not necessarily necessary to feel it out first. The slot is very clear and actually has no pitfalls. Our advice is therefore to just bet what you want and that it is not so necessary to first ‘feel out’ the slot. Just spin and have fun!

Wolf Gold Bonus

Free play and Demo

Do you want to try this slot first without having to bet real money? Then you can. One of the places where you can do this is on the Pragmatic website itself. Besides this website, there are other possibilities to play without risk, but there is an even better way to do this. At some casinos, you can claim a no deposit bonus. These bonuses sometimes contain cash and sometimes free spins. This means you can try Wolf Gold for free without any risk!


Wolf Gold is an accessible slot with many different options and possibilities. The many features make it fun to continue playing Wolf Gold. It is not necessarily required to feel out the slot, but for new players, this is never a bad idea of course. Because of the many different features, the Wolf Gold slot is fun to play for a long time. So try it now and win up to £100,000!