Power Plant Slot

Power Plot is an electronically-driven five reel, eight (yes, EIGHT!) row, eighty-two pay line online slots game from Yggdrasil Gaming. If you've been following the world of online slots, then you will know that from humble beginnings Yggdrasil Gaming has becoming one of the most exciting names in the online slotting world – and this game has only gone and furthered that reputation.

This game has more rows than two or three 'normal' online slots put together! In total, this slot has an amazing EIGHT rows! Before you get too excited though thinking that this slot will have quadrillions of pay lines, in fact it only has eighty two. That's still a pretty generous amount, though!

There are only six symbols in this game, which does increase your chances of scoring plenty of wins. They are all unqiue and in different colours – gold, red, pink, purple, blue and green. One nice feature of this slot – as the reels land, lines are drawn across the screen to mark potential wins. This adds to the excitement of the play as you can see your wins progress (or not) along the screen.

You can choose your coin size in this game from the rather odd 0.005 all the way up to 5.00. Each spin costs fifty coins, even though there are a fixed number of eighty-two pay lines. When you are ready to amp up the power, hit the spin button.

Payout & bonus rounds

The purple, blue and green symbols are the lowest payers in this game. Land three of them on an active pay line and you win two coins. The most shocking symbol is the golden radio-active symbol. Five of these on an active pay line wins you two hundred coins.

A yellow 'W' acts as the wild symbol in this game. it substitutes for all other symbols. All wilds are stacked, and if you land a full wild stack on any reel then you are awarded a feature respin. You are awarded two features if one reel is stacked with wilds, three if two are stacked and four if three, four or all five reels are stacked. Once you're awarded your features, your respin takes place.

The possible features are:

  • Three to eight symbols are added to enhance your line wins
  • One symbol is selected to be super-stacked
  • One extra feature is added
  • Up to four reel nudges are added to maximise your win
  • One symbol is selected to be turned into a wild symbol

Once your features are 'played' your final win is evaluated.

While this game is graphically wonderful, and the eight-row aspect is an excellent idea, we don't think that this qualifies as one of Yggdrasil Gaming's best. The game play is a little lacking, and it's just a case of watching the reels spinning endlessly, waiting to complete winning patterns. The feature does add a little colour, but it does not seem to come around often enough. A bright spark of an idea then, but many current (geddit?) slots are a great deal more entertaining.